Monday, April 28, 2014

Prep work for guest runway stylist

Hi Darlins,

What a busy weekend...
Dinner with friends, harvesting then some girl fun!

I held a fitting to meet and fit the models I chose for the runway show. 
Everything fit well & I will see them on the runway early Sunday morning for rehearsal.
I have 4 models and will be showing 8 wedding gowns.
I think all the stylists have the same... not sure!

Since this is my first time to style a runway show I really have to rely on my instinct & creative sight for everything!
It's a challenge like project runway...
I am thrilled I have my own make-up & hair team & a dresser to help me.
I have heard she is fabulous!!

I will try to let you know what's happening.
 I guess I should learn how to implement Instagram... 
Maybe I can figure it out in between everything else I have going on!!!

If you know anyone in Love or getting married please let them know about the Bridal show.
It's going to be a beautiful event.

A sneak peak from the fitting!

Style inspiration...

courtesy of my local organic market!!!

Shhhh it's top secret!

Hop over to the official FB page for tickets. 
 I would love you to come and experience this gorgeous Bridal show!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Table talk

Morning Darlins,

Do you know...
 that one of the first pieces of furniture to be acquired when setting up a home is a table?

It invites everyone to come together at once into a space.
It will be of the most important pieces we will have.
Also, one of the most used pieces &longest kept.

I feel...
A table isn't just 4 legs and a top sitting in a space...
I see it as 
being significant.
Especially a vintage table.


A vintage table...
hears the stories of family & friends 
who have lingered there long after the meal was over and the dishes were cleared.


It holds all our firsts.

First meals
first kisses
First babies
first homework
first friends
 first holidays
and more...


It holds the warmth of those who have graced it.
Nostalgic moments of laughter & tears over the years and sometimes lifetimes.
Those warm sweet reminders of times we hold dear.


Your table reflects your style as well.


Simple . Sturdy . Industrial


Primitive yet beautiful.


A little over the top & fun.


Perhaps an heirloom table that has been passed around the family.

One of my most treasured heirloom antiques is my grandparents first table. It is small with two leaves that fold down. The bottom the table has the shipping label with their names & address on it!
Well over 100 years old yet still sturdy. 
A significant piece that holds our family stories. 
Someday I will pass on their sweet table to my family.

My Design tip:
A vintage table is always my first choice of recomendation. Choose wisely for a table that reflects your personal style. Don't worry about the imperfections if it's vintage, those are the wrinkles that it has earned. Also, you will be salvaging the memories of someones family.

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A beautiful Saturday to you!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to's for a vintage picnic

Happy Easter....
Wishing all of you a glorious day!

Simple entertaining many years ago involved gathering outdoors to share a packed meal.
When I look at old photos of my family I see many of those special occasions.
I scope out the picture to see the vintage design details. 
Especially love it when there is a picnic photo!
Many times I have thought, we should take time to simply throw a picnic!

Simple and inviting...

Try not to use paper or plastic...


Bring anything you like for a picnic.

A vintage suitcase goes from carryall to tabletop...


Vintage crates transpire dishes & food, then utilize as risers.


This vintage tin is perfect for the sandwiches.

I hope you will be inspired to gather soon for a picnic!

My Design tip:
There are no rules, enjoy the moment.

Hope over to Saturday's Designing with vintage series on SECOND SHOUT OUT Blog.
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Have a beautiful Easter.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Photo shoot- peak - Harvesting our grove.

Mornin Darlins,
Spring is such a beautiful fresh start isn't it....
Happily spending quite a bit of my spare time in the grove...
Harvest time....
 all the little fragarant blooms are now growing into beautiful fruit.

Nothing is more peaceful than strolling through the wide rows of our grove. 
Birds singing and the perfume of the blooms are intoxicatingly wonderful.

The lemons are so beautiful, 
This is right after our last little rain shower....

Harvesting our grove...

Something magical....
 being surrounded by natures smell, sight & sounds....

Excited to share more about this soon!

More details after the shoot...

Have a beautiful day,

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Vintage rustic containers

Morning Darlin's
 a rustic vintage container catches your eye, you pass them by simply because your not sure what you could do with it....
Spring is the perfect time to plant your favorite flowers or herbs in containers.
They are unique, easy &  you can place them exactly where you want to see them.


Vintage watering cans, galvanized buckets can be filled & placed anywhere. 
Drilling a hole in the bottom ensures proper drainage.

Vintage boxes, crates & wooden trunks make great containers as well. 
If the paint is worn & chippy with old advertising labels, even better!


A simple vintage bakers pan is lovely.
The perfect little reminder it's spring!


Vintage wagons...


My favorite 
vintage goat wagons.


Yikes I love this!

My Design tip:
Space can be limited, a rustic container filled with blooms, herbs, succulents or a miniature tree. whatever your fancy. Drainage is essential. Simply bring the container in doors for a party too!

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A beautiful Spring day to you!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Vintage farm accoutrement

Morning Darlins...

A beautiful old barn or a cupola with a weathervane brings upon us the image of a farm or seaside living.
 One item can symbolize something special.

I love how one simple farm or sea accoutrement can bring a country fresh feeling to interior spaces.


Start a collection, then mix vintage weathervanes with other items you love.


Love the large scale of these...


Who new....weathervanes are glamorous

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My Design tip:
Vintage weathervanes are nostalgic pieces of our history.
Incorporate them in any condition to your space, the older the better.
 Vintage treasures, so if you find one, don't pass it up.

A beautiful Saturday to you,

Friday, April 4, 2014

Prarie Style is returning!

Morning Darlins,

For those who love

magazine by Country Sampler's publishers & FIFI....

I'm here to help share news for them...
At new stands Starting May 2014

with all it's beauty & simplicity that we are inspired with.
IF you don't  know about PRARIE STYLE then your lucky to be able to find it next month.

A beautiful Friday to you...
Tomorrow morning,
 I will have my post for Saturday's Designing with vintage for SECOND SHOUT OUT blog...
Grab your latte & see you in the am!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

News to share.

Happy April 1
Hope your having a lovely day. 

I was asked yesterday to be a guest runway stylist for a big bridal show. 
My answer was YES!
A lovely honor to create my own Casual Loves Elegance bride looks.
I am told I will be doing 10 to 12 different looks.
Project runway style.

Here is the FB page post announcing the news!

You can go to my FB & here & like it!
 Wedding party Bridal show @ FB
   posted from yesterday.

I don't have many details yet, but I'm excited for the challenge to style my brand!

There is one little detail they told me...

There will be judges for the guest stylists & we will be getting voted on our work....
No pressure right!
I'll keep you in the loop..