Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 My wish for you!

The last greeting of this year Darlins...

It's always bittersweet to me, sometimes the best is left to cherish but the uknown is absolutely thrilling.

2016 what will it bring?

365 new days of fresh & new ideas
 365 days to be excited & thrilled about anything your heart desires.

365 days to just be you...
365 days to cherish
365 days to dream
365 days to feel amazing
365 to love those around you & remember those who left to soon...

Thank you for each & every visit, comment & friendship
here to

I love connecting with you & I'm excited to share what's in the works for 2016 with you!

My wishes for you & me Darlins....
Travel safe, keep our chins up, hearts open
 believe in all that we do, 
give our very best everday!


*Happy New Year 2016*
Thank you
 from the bottom of my heart...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

White Christmas in Mammoth

Christmas Eve greetings to you sweet Darlins from beautiful Mammoth lakes, California

*It's snowing*
I was dreaming of a White Christmas
 my wish came true this morning we woke up to snow falling!

The village of Mammoth lakes, Ca today...

We took a drive to enjoy the beauty...

 As we drove along the snow was falling and I saw this on the side of the road, someone made this fantastic snow maiden...

 i had fun making finger drawings in the snow.

May your Christmas be beautiful & fill your hearts with peace & LOVE

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" No. 10 Christmas

Merry Christmas Darlins,

Anticipation & beauty is all around us, 
Let's take a moment to see the sparkle in a childs eye.... 
 It's truly there for those who believe.

I believe....
 Let's keep Christlmas in our heart all year... I do!!!
Our home is lingering with saw dust, our yard looks like a rock quary, we still have a sinkless kitchen....

We have what matters most.... the joy & love inside our home captivates the magic amongst us.

Also we have a sweet house guest this week & she has added an extra twinkle to our Christmas this year.

Welcome to No. 10 Saturday's "Designing with Vintage"

Today I though I would share  a few favorite pics from past Christmas's in our home.

First up is evergreens....when ya'll are shopping the stores on black friday, I'm not. 
I go early in the morning just to buy my Holiday greens!

A Vintage miners cart becomes our stand for the tree.
* 1930's deer mount from an old hunting lodge in the midwest,
 * Louis Mirror in the dining room get draped with evergreen garlands.

A family ornament that's been loved for decades.

I hope your moments will be spent coveting the joy of the season, filling your heart & home.

A warm, cozy & beautiful Saturday to you!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday's Designing with Vintage No. 9 "Butlers sink restoration"

Happy Holidays!
Welcome to  Saturday's "Designing with vintage" series No. 9 from my home.

Are you enjoying all that the season brings, 
We are all scurring about so the posts are short & sweet for the next few weeks
I'll be packing them with inspiration I hope you'll savor!

This vintage sink I found years ago up in a salvage store in Los Angeles.

SHE is finally home, it will be inloaded later today off the truck when we can rangle some muscle, 4 men!

I had to peak and tear the plastic...
those are rain drops!

Beautiful curves..

This is how I found her, stuck in the back room amongst all the other lonely bath fixtures.
I had to get her out of there & restore her beauty.

After a couple years I finally found a restoration my state!
 I took her a few weeks ago, the bottom of the sink was badly pitted, I wasn't sure it could be done.

I took her here 

Randy La Page and his team restored the elegance back to this old sink. 

They are magical.
 I am so happy with the finished resoration. 
They are the only place in near San Diego I found,
 I did alot of searching and talking to people.

RANDY LA PAGE from RW LITTLE came to my home, inspected it and said yes they would be able to restore her.

NEXT.... is going to to new faucets & drain. Soon she will be placed in the Butler's pantry.
I will do a full post when she is all set in place in the reveal.

SOOOOO this is how I design with vintage!

I hope your inspired, it's nonsense to be scared of something old, 
just do your homework, ask questions & be patient anything is possible.

 I can help you at CLE Design just send me a email.

Shop for gifts in my store.

Enjoy the beauty of the season,

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday's "Designing with vintage" Holiday's No.8

Happy Saturday Darlins

Since the Holiday season is upon us I'll share with you some vintage inspiration from my home to yours from past holiday's..

Everyday vintage pieces are so lovely in holiday decor..
 Look around your attic or garage,
 I bet you can find the most creative pieces tuck away and you can use them today!

P.s I have yet to decorate this season, But I will share when I do!!!

Enjoy! Have fun! 
A beautiful weekend to you.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Renovating before the holidays UHHH!

Hi Darlins,

Yikes....I had to skip my Saturday's "Designing with vintage" to help my husband put all the boards  on the ceiling in the Butler Pantry area. They are gorgeous even with out paint!!

Then I sanded the all the new dry wall in the same room.
Oh my... that's a job, Ihave done my share of sanding but this was a first for walls!
 I have a so much respect for the carrpenter trades, the work they do is TOUGH!!!

 I was giggling when I finished.
 I must of lost a few pounds sweating in the room. It was hot and all closed off with plastic. My triceps were burning!
Hmmmm, can I count it as a work out???

We are up against the clock to get the kitchen finished to the point of function. 
My oldest son is coming home for the holiday's = FOOD!
He will no doubt want his favorite things & we have to have our kitchen up & running!

So hope you don't Saturday I will continue the Design series!

Off to the prime & paint the first coat of paint!

On black Friday I bought Christmas greens! That's the only thing I buy on Black Friday!
 I love to have a few sprigs of cypress in the bathrooms!

Smells like Christmas...

I can't wait to decorate our home for the Holiday's!

Happy Sunday I hope your week has been special, it's almost December!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving darlins.

I love this day.
My thoughts today are that you're in the midst of preparting a special meal for those you love.

A time for gathering, sitting elbow to elbow & telling stories over a meal prepared with Love.
I hope your day

I love this old photo, I'm not sure where it came from. But the message is simple....

Let's feed our families with more than food,
 but with Love, 
 nuture the young and instill what is truly important... Family...

 Let's trust we will remember these unforgettable moments together
 most of all how they make us feel.

Love you all.

I'm grateful for each of you who've taken the time to come over to my blog through the years.
 I hope in small way youv'e been inspired & will return to visit once again.

A wonderful & Happy Thanksgiving y'all to you & your family's.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday's Designing with Vintage No.7 Window to charm

Happy Saturday Darlins,

Welcome to No. 7 "Designing with Vintage" from my home.

Our home is being renovated & we are living in it...
We are in the drywall phase now so it shouldn't be alot longer!!!

I love out of the ordinary storage, I love charm with practical.

So here's one of my cabinets in the kitchen I've been using for storage.

SO.... yesterday I came across this window, I had to buy it $40 bucks!

I bet you can guess what's going to happen with this one!

Yes mam... another cabinet! I'm so excited to get this one made.

Designing with Vintage
what I love, 
my passion is organically to add charm to everyday function.

I hope you are inpired to look around for a vintage window or door and make something useful for your space.

A beautiful weekend to you,

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday's Designing with Vintage No.6 Vintage Garden House

Hi Darlins,

Happy Saturday! Welcome to Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" No. 6.

Vintage Garden House

It all began when I found this vintage structure.

 I fell in love love love with it
 had to bring it home.

The yard needed a focal point from the kitchen and front of the house.

We fenced the property and cleared the area for the foundation.

It was dismantled and put on a flat bed truck and brought here, we poured a slab and faced it with stone to set the structure on.

I was drawn to these vintage doors,
 they looked like the Front door I had designed on our beach house.

This cast iron fireplace was found in Ireland. 
 I had it powder coated white and used this in my retail store for many years.

This vintage cornice is off the face of an old building. 
I have it hanging inside just because......

At night we have soft light washing the face of the structure, it's so pretty with a dark sky.
Can you see the moon peeking around the back ever so softly?

This vintage structure adds the casual elegance I dreamed of for our property.

I hope your inspired to have a vintage structure in your landscape sometime.

A beautiful weekend to you,

P.S we're re-landscaping with the new stone walls so I will share that in the future, can't wait to show it finished!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday's Designing with Vintage No. 5

Hi Darlins,
We're getting  used to the new time change. 
I love it, what about you?

Finally beginning to enjoy the season with the cooler weather, by making a couple cozy fires.

Welcome to No. 5 Saturday's "Designing with Vintage".


 I love vintage lighting.
 I ponder the rooms those fixtures gave light to before..
 A sense of romance but simply utilitarian.

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite vintage fixtures in my french normandy farm home.

Vintage pieces are so interesting as re purposed as lighting.

Can you guess what this was?
Can you see the spout in front of this coffee server?

No change needed... not in service anyomore!
This was a parking meter.

It's in my son's room, left of the bed.

A cool galvanized light from old parts. 
You can SHOP for it here.

Before it was electrified, I was told this was this light was used for candles.
  The handle was to carry it through the home. 

A glass table lamp is a family heirloom.

It is missing a few crystals, love it just the same.

A crystal chandiler in the foyer has delicate detail.

A tiny vintage sconce with crystals. Above my desk.

All time favorite sconce!

French sconces with the original blue crystals.
Missing a few of the blue crystals that sadly broke when moving.

These sconces are in the dining room.

ALL PIECES found as is at Antique shops and vintage markets, except the heirloom glass table lamp.

Today I hope to inspire you to think about using vintage lighting in your spaces. 

On a side note, I'm grateful for a new design client, I have my finger's crossed to use some vintage pieces and of course lighting in the project, I will be taking pics on the project to share with you!

A beautiful Saturday to you,

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday's "Desiging with Vintage" Halloween

Happy Saturday...
It's Halloween!

A fun day for many with scary festivites looming...

I hope you don't I'm keeping it short and just to a little Halloween decoratitng here at home from previous Halloweens.

Next Saturday, we will resume with No. 5

Paper stars garland strung beneath the chandelier.

Paper skeleton garland strung between the lights in my sons room.

Little skulls, magic cards and lots of candles in the entry.

Antique urn in the foyer with garland that sparkles in black glitter.

Birch trees with a few hairy creatures..

I Love gingham ribbon... do you?

Have a safe & fantastic day & weekend.

The good witch