Saturday, March 30, 2013

Springtime's pretty vintage linens

This has been a gorgeous Spring week in SoCal...

I love the longer days of Spring
 for air drying my vintage linens.

Love this vintage french enamel soap dish for my clothes pins...

Air drying vintage linens, textiles in the sun is less damaging on these pieces...

I love these cotton quilted vintage coverlets....
So cozy and light but warm, 
I have a few...ok, collection!

I have a few PINK vintage pieces I L*O*V*E
here are three of them, 
The vintage pale pink baby * bassinet *
The vintage pale pink * metal stool *
The vintage pale pink * wood ladder *
This ladder is so old it has string to connect the legs!

My personal preference since I'm a bit ok, a lot...picky
is only painted pink pieces I find already pink...
 the paint must be old with lots of layers...

I have seen some old pink ladders someone has thrown some pink pink paint on! It isn't my cup of tea!
{I would never paint anything newer pink to look old}!

The pink baby bassinet was perfect for caring out my linens...
This little Spring paper crown from a friend...
 I have been waiting for Spring to bring it outside!

I happen to love fresh berries
 so happy Spring is here!!

When Spring rolls around I think of all the new animals, new babies and puppies! 
Mr. Lincoln our new Saint Bernard puppy is 11 weeks now,
he has been playing in the boxwoods, enjoying the sunshine...

Yikes...he almost tipped over the rasberries and stepped on my white linens!!!

 A few of my vintage german paper easter eggs in the birdhouse...
 I think it's to big for a bird to take don't you!

My design tip: Using your vintage linens will inspire you to take better care of them.

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Well it's almost Easter and I have a few more things to do after the baseball game this morning... Having some friends for a little Spring dinner party this evening,
I can't wait to get to the baking!
Have a gorgeous Easter...
Blessings to all

Friday, March 29, 2013

Blessing on this Good Friday...

Almost Easter, are you decorating at home?
Here is my sweet Vintage bird house with a large german paper Easter egg from my collection.

Please join me tomorrow here for Saturday for my Designing with Vintage series for SSO! 
Have a gorgeous day Darlins...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lemons & Lincoln

Morning Darlins,
Hows your week so far?
 Last week we was our grove pick, I received a couple of emails asking what does it look like when they pick?
I always document everything so here you are!

First.... they drop off these large empty crates in our grove.

Then the lemons are handpicked and they start filling up all the crates.
See the weeds? With the Winter rains comes Spring weeds...
 Our new crop of weeds... 
They are not pretty or fun...we'll be picking those next!!!

These are beautiful lemons!

You can see the nice healthy size of the lemons here!
We loved watching our grove sprout from tiny little trees to big 10 to 12 ft trees now!
 Yes it has been a lot of work, but we are happy how beautiful our trees are!
The blossoms are so fragrant it is smells like perfume when you're at our house!

Puppy update....
on Mr. Lincoln...
Took this on Saturday,
 he was 9 weeks here!
Weighs a bit over 21 lb.

Quick shot this morning with my iPhone while we were on duty walk!
He is 10 weeks.

P.S. So cute...Took Lincoln for his first outing in public to my son's baseball game last night and to pick up dinner.
Waiting outside the restaurant with him while my son was inside ordering, 
 I was bent down to untangle the leash from my legs and.... 
I looked up and had a crowd of people with their iPhones taking photos.
 OMG it was like being mobbed by the paparazzi!!!
My youngest son who I think will be a entrepreneur someday asked me... 
Can we charge for photos?

He needs a Puppy guard!

We have had him one month today!
We adore him....
Lincoln is growing before our eyes!

Have a pretty day everyone.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Vintage BLUES*

Morning Darlins...
Springs first official weekend...
 intoxicating fragerance of orange and lemon blossoms are floating in the open air and seeping through the windows here.
Yesterday our lemon grove had its biggest pick yet! 
 9 full boxes of gorgeous lemons, each box is 4' x 4' x 4'!
{If you come a cross a pretty, large lemon this summer in the market who knows, 
maybe it came from our grove}!

The freshness of the new season is the perfect time to start cleaning out and de-clutter our homes.
 Make room for new blooms from the garden.

 I bring them inside and basically they are my Spring decor!
vintage blues
are lovely....

My vintage heirloom clock has pretty blue rhinestones, 
I love it!

Taking a peak around my house...
 I was surprised that I do have some pretty vintage blues to share!!!

The vintage french sconces are my favorite.
L*O*V*E the blue tear drop crystals...
Sadly a few, got broke in moving.... 
{if you ever see any I would love you to drop me a email}!

A vintage oil painting on canvas has some pretty blue flowers and tones on it! 
This was a family piece too..
I adore this little painting!
Also this vintage linen tea towel wrapped around my nana bread has some pretty blue delicate fret work edging.

This little nest with a pale blue paper egg is a sign spring is here!

My dried hydrangeas in pretty shades of blue 
are hanging here in my dining room!

I have more vintage blues than I thought, I am delighted to have them freshen up my Spring decor!
My design tip:
Little touches of a single color adds a subtle change to any seasons decor without over powering your home... like a patchwork.

Hope your first weekend in Spring is gorgeous!

Off to my sons baseball game!

Click over to my Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" series on SECOND SHOUT OUT blog.
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Officially Spring!

Happy First day of Spring!
A busy weekend...
Here is a photo of some vintage jewelry at my space from the Boho market!

A beautiful show! A one of a kind event at the historic Hotel del Coronado!

Have a lot of new roses waiting to be planted! These were from my garden this summer!

I am running out the door so much to catch up on!
Happy First day of Spring!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A PUPPY's LOVE, a hearts tiny band-aid....

It's official...we have named our new puppy!
We are soooo in love with this adorable little Saint Bernard puppy.
His name is...

He is a very busy and happy puppy... he just can drop and take a nap just like that! 
We had a beautiful sunny weekend so we gave him his first bath with us...

We have a lot of vintage galvanized buckets... this is the smallest!

Keeping him in the bath.... and not drinking the soapy bath water was fun!

After his bath he could come inside...
Saint Bernards are a very intelligent breed. 
LINCOLN has a lot to learn and big shoes to fill!

See.... at any moment he can drift into a nap!

Relaxing with a book and a nap were next for him...
Of course perfect timing for a set and wardrobe change!!!

Having LINCOLN has been a blessing and given our family soooo much already...
we adore him are so grateful to love him and cuddle him into our family.
 Miss Chloe our (Tibetan Mastiff) is doing well with him too, he loves her and follows her around!

You know we were on the fence about this because we are a dog family,
I can't even say his name without tears...
The last two years our hearts have been broken since the passing of our beloved St. Bernard Sir"Bentley".
My family knows we can never replace him or forget him.
The sweetest, most gentle and loving dog I have ever known...
"Bentley" will be in our hearts for-e-ver...RIP

Ok, have to get the tissue....
Have a beautiful day filled with all that you Love....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Boho Chic Vintage inspired Weddings

Morning Darlins... 

My longtime dear friend is a talented Wedding show producer, 
owner and founder of the Sand Diego "Wedding Party Bridal Show"
Next Sunday 3.17.13 for the first time, the spring show is being held at the beautiful ocean front Historic Hotel del Coronado.
Haven't you noticed the trends in today's weddings have a fresh new vibe? Boho Chic style.
Seems to me it is a freedom to express style..
 It gives a bride and groom a chance to think outside the box and put their own personal signature on the wedding.

Here is a few style elements you might be seeing at the next wedding you go to!


The cakes have a pretty and understated appeal, 
almost a homemade looking quality to them.
Like this one!


A unique car also sets the stage and compliments the Boho feel with it's vintage coolness. 
We had a vintage Rolls Royce at ours!
A white limo would look out of context here wouldn't it?


The dining tables vignette has vintage pieces.
 Mixed and matched dishes paired with containers other than vases for the flowers. 
It is the relaxing continuity of Boho style.


Touches of natural elements add a warm and earthy atmosphere.
 Refreshing creativity that is unique and adds a homemade nostalgic quality.


The entire wedding gets it que from the DRESS
I love the one of a kind statement. This dress with its cotton bodice and butterflies is stunning... 
I would of worn this in a minute!
A Boho bride stays clear of the traditional white dress!


Delicate fabrics are flowing and luxurious.
 Tiny flowers details, unfinished edges are romantic.
 This pale bluish-grey colour is delicious! my pale pink tule vintage designed wedding dress

As a young Bride
 I struggled with my thoughts of a traditional wedding, wearing a white gown...
 At 16 I made a sketch of my dream wedding gown and kept it.
 I wanted my dress to be one of a kind, I went to a women who made couture gowns with my sketch and some vintage gowns and accoutrements.
Deconstructing all the dresses and pieces and from scratch, we magically sewed them into this beautiful  pale pink gown.
I kept my dress a secret surprise... only my parents knew.
Pink has always been my favorite colour...
Here is a peak of me on my wedding day above in my favorite pink wedding gown and head piece, perhaps Romantic Chic Boho!

My design tip: Style comes from within, wear what makes you happy and you will wear it with confidence. A wedding should reflect who you are as a couple, your personality and style.

Hop over to SECOND SHOUT BLOG for more and visit my store Casual Loves Elegance for some Boho chic elements for your wedding!

Have a beautiful weekend,

Casual Loves Elegance will be at the vintage marketplace with vintage finds!

Don't miss the Show 3.17.13 and Boho Vintage marketplace. 
Print and copy of this ticket and visit the website for all the details and directions!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boho market place... Save the date!

Hi Darlins,
Hope your week has been filled with beauty....

Wanted you to be the first to hear and save the date!
I am so excited to be invited as a vendor at the Boho market place!
This is the first time for this actual shop and carry market place.

The Boho marketplace is a one day special event. Vintage treasures, Architectural items for weddings, events and home decor, 
The Markeplacet is just one of the many venues at the Wedding Party Bridal show.
 It is being hosted by the Wedding Party Bridal Show.

For the first time...
The Wedding show is is being held at the beautiful Historical landmark 
The Hotel Del Coronado!
March 17th, 2013

The Wedding Bridal Show
is hands down 
San Diego's Number one Wedding venue.
 The creme of the crop wedding vendors,
 event planners,
 props and rentals.
 invitations and more....
Just wait....the most beautiful live fashion show of couture fashion Bridal Gowns!
{I have inside info on this years gowns}.....OMG
If your like me... it is all about the dress!!!
If your in the Southern California area and getting married or know any one who is getting married, a designer or stylist you don't want to miss this show!
Every detail you need to plan for your wedding, every inspiring idea, every professional wedding vendor will be here! 
Plus.....I can't wait to share WHO and WHAT will be going on there... 
Watch for the TV ads on American Idol next week!

*Check out and follow my Pinterst BOHO CHIC BOARD!

*Also like FB and I will post there more about the event!
Followers will be eligible for a drawing at the event from Casual Loves Elegance. 
*So join my followers here!

P.S. Drop me an email if you are looking for a certain vintage piece, 
I will let you know if I have it or can find it! I'll bring it to the event for you!
Nite all

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vintage style dog houses

Morning Darlins,
A georgeous weekend in store for everyone I hope...
 Here in SoCal it is supposed to be in the 80's!
Want to give your dog the best looking house on the block? 
Salvaged material,wood roofing shingles and some vintage fancy architectural details is all you need to get started on your one of a kind Puppy Palace!
Dogs as you know like to be cozy, they should have a place of their own where they can feel safe and sheltered.
I have been searching Pinterest for some inspiration for my vintage of dog house project.
Here are a few I fell in love with!


Love the vintage fretwork on the facia!


I am thinking of elevating our house around a tree.... Our Tibetan Mastiff likes to be up perched up high when she's guarding the palace grounds!!! 
The porch would be perfect for them to hang out and nap!


This glass solarium style is so cool made with old windows, 
but likely would have to be for very small dogs...

My Design tip: Complementing the style and architecture of your home with your dog house is good, after all it is another little out building!

Soon we will be building our vintage dog houses...

We are so excited that we just added a new adorable Saint Bernard puppy to our family this week! 
We haven't settled on his name yet, It has to be a family vote! 
Fun coming up with names though!

He wants to play all the time so I haven't had much luck getting him to sit still for a photo!
 I quickly managed to get this one this morning! He is almost 8 weeks old.

Have a beautiful weekend and I'll share the Saint story soon. 
I have been crate training him since we got him on Tuesday and up every two hours at night... 
He is doing fabulous....
 I'm a bit exhausted!!!!
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