Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday's "Desiging with Vintage" Halloween

Happy Saturday...
It's Halloween!

A fun day for many with scary festivites looming...

I hope you don't I'm keeping it short and just to a little Halloween decoratitng here at home from previous Halloweens.

Next Saturday, we will resume with No. 5

Paper stars garland strung beneath the chandelier.

Paper skeleton garland strung between the lights in my sons room.

Little skulls, magic cards and lots of candles in the entry.

Antique urn in the foyer with garland that sparkles in black glitter.

Birch trees with a few hairy creatures..

I Love gingham ribbon... do you?

Have a safe & fantastic day & weekend.

The good witch

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday's Desinging with Vintage No.4 & shop my house!

Happy Saturday Darlins
Welcome to  No. 4 of  Saturday's "Designing with vintage"
 from my home to yours.
{Scroll down to the week before No. 1 if you want to review or more}
Today I'll be showing you vintage pieces that I have found
how I've curated them in and around our home for the Autumn season.

Let's get started with the street lamp base.

The vintage horn handle fork is a family heirloom.
I love using vintage school flashcards!

I've placed it in an isle of our Lemon Grove.
It is two pieces that would of fit around the base of a street light. It's how I found it.
Material is cast iron.

Pumkins & grapevine always convey fall!

Go ahead shop my house!

While we're outside let's head over to the Tin Man's shed.
{I'll take you here again another time}
I've repurposed an old rake & hung it on the Carriage door.

A twig of the pepper tree is naturally pretty anywhere!

LOVE... this vintage french bistro chair, I found two of them. 
It folds!
Heavy, it was already black.
I don't paint my objects very often.
I love finding them as they are.
Stay with me we're going inside my house now!

This is one of the fireplaces in our home.
It hasn't been renovated YET!
at the moment it's my Gathering room...

My favorite Antique find.
{this one really is my favorite}
This french mirror is very tall.
 I love the detail so much I use as my blog header here on Casual Loves Elegance.
I found it at a Antique shop locally in Solana Beach.

On the mantle you see the white square candle holders I repurposed from old fence posts caps.

Repurposed ceiling tin makes for a great little planter.
 The dried hydrangeas are reminders of the season.

My wish here is to inspire with your own creativity in & around your own home.
Truely was lovely of you to visit as always.

A beautiful Saturday to you,

Friday, October 23, 2015

Kitchen fixer upper * CLE mini style.

Hi Darlins,
We couldn't take this ugly space one more day...
I have the ugliest kitchen with in southern California... I'm pretty confident!!!

This was how the space looked as of yesterday
GREAT improvement already!

I am so excited to be in this room again tearing things up & doing the mini fixer upper.
Nights & weekends you know where to find us!

The kitchen.... the most used, most coveted, most dreamed about room of a home.
...this kitchen is most used, we love to cook, entertain and we have mangaged so far...

Later I will create the back story for you with the first pics when we bought the house to bring you up to date. You'll see why this is so exciting!

This is a mini fixer upper for now... I'll share the final plan later.

I'm Starting a new Pinterest board MINI fixer uppers.

A beautiful Friday all...

Look forward to you coming by tomorrow for Saturday' s"Designing with Vintage" No. 4


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday's Designing with vintage No.3

Happy Saturday Darlins,

I'm excited this morning! 
We are doing some demo of the kitchen counters today!

I want to get this post out to you before the jack hammer gets plugged in! 

Let's get right into No. 3 of Saturday's "Designing with vintage" series from my home. 

The Entry is the first place 
that makes a lasting impression.

1970's to our French Normandy Farmhouse entry.


1970's tile, skinny base, gold oak, pocket door 
this was what it was. 
A waste of a space....

Behind this little pocket door was a small bath, corner plastic shower and two bedroom with only one closet... weird!

We tore it all down, I'll share that later.

 1970's to our French Normandy Farmhouse.

I found two sets of European doors...
knew immeditaley where one set would go

The doors are extremely thick & heavy. They were 11 feet tall with the transom.
We reworked them, cut them down & I found this beautiful glass to put in.
The original carvings were missing so we had new ones hand carved.

Behind the doors is a little foyer we created between the master suites.
I will share the moldings on another post, they are my favorite!

You might recognize the from my side bar, now you can visulalize it's location in the house.

Two bedrooms are off each side with this charming foyer in the middle. 
Each suite has a walk in closet & marble clad bath I'll share later!

Changing the accoutrements around for the seasons keeps the entry fresh.

This was Spring

 Across from the doors aEuropean Antique iron conslole is hung with a marble top.
Above Antique french mirror.

A mirror in the entry is important, beautiful and serves a purpose...
Catch those bad hair days & grab a ball cap before you walk out!

Usually greenery or fresh picked from our garden.

A nice place to leave a afteschool treat.

I love chandilers, i know you do too!
 Pretty in day light & always elegant.

The Vintage List 
 Antique Doors found in Los Angeles.
Basket is french with wheels, I added vintage european linen found @ a friends yard sale.
Iron Bed with planters found @ a french shop locally.
Umbrella white with clear  handle found@ a midwest fleamarket.
White dust pan & baby sand box shovel found @ The Rose Bowl flea market.
White shelf found @ a quait little shop & I added the vintge door knobs.
Wood bench is european found @ Roger's Garden's New Port Beach.
 Large Antique Urn-traded for, read the last post for details!
Chandlier found @ orange county flea market.
 Antuiqe french mirror found @ a vintage flea market.
Iron Console with marble top found in Los Angeles@ quaint shop
 French chair found@ a vintage sale.
Milk bottle found @ flea market.
Beaded Crest patch - family heirloom.

We love the entry so's a big transformation & fits us now!
I can't wait to see the Antique front door in the next phase of the renovation!

We haven't touched the front exterior entrance YET!
Of course...I have my front doors! Blanketed out in the storage trailer...
I can't wait to see them, they are Antique and will be coming up in the next phase of the renovation! 
Hang in there when we get to that phase of construction you'll hear all about those doors & their story!

I'm here to help... contact me if you need help in refreshing or building your Entry. 

A beautiful weekend to you!

P.S. I had to finish this post after I helped with the demo...
 already done!
Going in to clean up & make a lunch run!!!


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday's Designing with Vintage No. 2

Beautiful Saturday Darlins,

Welcome to Saturday Designing with vintage  No. 2  from my home.
Where each Saturday your invited to see vintage finds I treasure
 how I implement them in my Casual Loves Elegance design here in our home. 
Over the years I have been asked to show my own vintage style & how I use the vintage items in design at home. 
Last Saturaday I began the series... if you want to go back and see what this is all about!!!
Let me know what your thoughts are!!!

I have some ideas for this series to involve you later so I hope you will come by and keep up.
 I am numbering these so if you have a question or comment you can refer to NO. #

Interior use of Anitque garden elements.

One of my favorite pieces.
{just saying... you will hear favorite more than once}

Today I'm excited to share with you my
Antique garden fountain urn
There is a spicket in front, I have been told it was a fountain from the 1800's.
The FOUND back story..
 I aquired this through a trade.

I fell in love with it at a vintage market but it was sooooo expensive
I was chatting with the hostess of the market and told her about a huge garage door that was on my studio at one time, with a mural painted on it by a german artist.
 She was excited to see it. We agreed to trade my mural for this Antique urn and base.

I had it outdoors for a while at our old beach house, but concered about the weather rusting it out.
I really want to preserve it.

A prized piece I felt deserved a place of honor..

Flowers are so welcoming...
I L*O*V*E using hydrangeas, roses, evergreens, herbs in the urn.

A beautiful way to enjoy casual flowers indoors & utilize an elegant garden element.

 Flowers and greens are changed all year long depending on the season.

I keep the plants in the pots,
 take them oudoors to water
when the plants look tired I plant them in the garden.
A rare vintage white watering can,
 this one stays mostly inside, to keep the rust from taking over.
 Roses & Rosemary

AUTUMN's Fairy pumpkins

I love Garden elements, especially urns and tools.
I can't help but think that gardening is peaceful & offers joy in it's bounty.
Finding and aquiring pieces that behold the honor from the past are truly treasures.

I hope this inspires you to look around at the vintage garden elements you or your family has in the barn or garage and get them out brush them off and use them in your interiors everyday all year!
the next time you see one a fleamarket you will have an idea of how it could work in your interior.

I started a new Pinterest board VINTAGE FINDS !

Take a moment to share or pin this with someone who may be inspired...
and I would love to hear your thoughts!

P.S You might love a few pieces in my shop

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday "Designing with vintage" my Gathering Room

Hello Darlins,

If your just coming over and didn't read yesterdays post...scroll down to read it!
Today is the 1st Saturday's "Designing with vintage" from my home.

Sometime... if you haven't you might like to read my bio on the side bar.. it tells my story. 

Let's begin with a little back story....

It's real darlins... we are living in our renovation!
Our home sits on over 2 acres in Southern California..
 the view and the position of the house is why we bought this.
It feels likes Napa, with infinity views and spots of blue Pacific Ocean.

Every piece of dirt, every square foot of this house is being transformed from a 1980 Mediterranean to a French Normandyish farmhouse. 
My husband & I are the GC's & I'm designing.

We are having so much fun, yes the budget is the stressful element, but we are making so many memories & doing it in phases. It's a huge project,
living it makes for awesome choices!

Thursday night I brought home this gorgeous vintage little round table.

I have been wanting a round table for a long time, but never found one that quite had the character...
This one flipped my gourd...
I scored this vintage round beveled glass top table.
a consignment shop.

gorgeous french details 
 perfect amount of chippy paint were like a magnet.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it as is!

I white glove cleaned the room, cleared everything out of the dining room 
Gathering room.

We live in this room, next to the fireplace all winter is where we are.
It has beautiful light all year.

A view from the juliete balcony with the bare floor.

Then to cosy it up I added this hide rug.
 I borrowed it from my sons bedrooom,
 he's at college he won't miss it!

What do you think?
Rug or bare flloor?

Here's the same room before as the dining room.

 A view from juliette balcony last year.

So... which space is your favorite?

The new Gathering room
Dining room

Note the chairs, sofa, stool in the gathering room are all vintage.
They all will be re-upholstered in time.

All the pieces you see in both spaces are vintage, the accessories, the european down quilt, grainsacks, enamel candle sticks, silver trophy champange bucket, frame, french half commode,  chandelier
 & campaign bed.
 I'd say it's 50/50 vintage markets, vintage shops.

One of the white enamel candle sticks was my first purchase from Second Shout Out-Omero home when they first began!

All vintage.

The two toile pillows on the day bed are newer also the down inserts.

The bottom of the chandelier has this pretty pale blue crystal cup, I spotted that first!
This took 3 men to hold & install the ceing is about 18 feet.

We love this room, bottom line.
What makes it a favoite is the natural light, two story ceiling, fireplace & view to the pool & coast.
Honestly this room would be gorgeous with a card table & folding chair in it!

This room is off the kitchen and the first space you see off the entry foyer. 

Before we first moved in we ripped out the carpet, layed the temporary wood down, 
Installed a ceiling fan and tore down the wall between this room & the kitchen so you could get light all the way throughand see the view from the kitchen
Later I found the chandelier.
The northern wall has been changed with the new windows & base, which will be carried on throught the house.

Phase 2 for this room will be all new windows, smooth coat walls, mouldings & re-do fireplace.

My Design tip: Look at how you live in a space, it might speak to you as differnt than it's intended.

I forgot to tell you, last night my husband came in and said.
Honey.... where's the dining room?

I'll show you my ideas for that next!

 I'd love to have a conversation about flipping these rooms, what would you like to see here?
Looking forward to hearing what you think? Leave me a comment here or FB.

Thank you for coming by my first Saturday's Designing with Vintage, from home.
Tell your friends & like my FB page!