Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pure White Romance

Pure romance... my first Camellia blooms!
LOVE them, just in time for Valentines...
These first blooms are popping out so I am thrilled that the location where I planted these might be good. Camellias can a bit-finicky...
Location location location!

Thrilled to see these first pure white blooms...

I think they like the location I planted them in...

Love the delicate petals of camellias....
Popping out with dark glossy green leaves.
I can't wait for more blooms to open!

Have a lovely day!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

European painted cupboards

It is raining here in SOCAL... 
a little steady rain for the last 24 hours, we need it .
Fun to wear a trench & some cute wellies!

Today is my Saturday's "Designing with vintage" series on SECOND SHOUT OUT blog.
I have always loved the time worn finish of a painted cupboard, it just has so much character.
I rarely will paint a piece, I only love the true old painted pieces. I am not into painting everly thing white...
UNLESS it's a built-in piece I have designed that needs a crisp glossy paint finish,
 then I will  have it professionally sprayed with high gloss enamel.
I have been looking for a while for that perfect piece for my powder bath project that is under construction.

I found it!

The space here is small, about a 1/3 of the sq.ft of the old bath that was here. 
{A wider hall was more important so we cut the bath to make room for the new hall to a future laundry room}
I wanted something unique and special with European charm for this french farmhouse powder bath.

{If you look at the left corner on the floor I had to have enough space for the door trim}
I have exactly the right amount with this piece. also a toilet will be coming from the wall and has to have space. 
This is perfect... I didn't measure before I bought it, but I have a tape measure built in my brain!

This old pine corner cupboard is very Sandanavian... the Azure old paint finsh is so lovely. 
I don't have any other pieces with this colour, but I love it so much...it's so worn and yummy it will be perfect with what I have planned.
 I love where I acquired it from, so it's special!
This Scallop edged moulding piece at the top is amazing. 

This is another painted piece I saw on Pinterest, doesn't appear to be a corner piece though, But I love the primitive charm it has too!

This White Nordic style corner piece hangs on a wall or you could set it on a counter...you can purchase now at my store

My Design tip: European vintage cupboards are beautiful. Using them for storage is practical and uniquely adds a touch of style to a space.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A litttle French Wednesday*

Happy White Wednesday
Hope Y'all are having a pretty week!

A little smitten....ok, alot....
 with my White french vintage finds!

This White french enamel soap dish might be perfect for the powder bath!

A little english rose from my garden!

A WHITE french campaign bed...
is right at home here in my garden house!

this vintage find!

I will share more on this later...

Happy Day!!!! Darlins...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stunning French staircases

Our winter just went into spring here in SoCal...
The other day I was wearing all my winter faves, boots, leggins, wool skirts and coats.
This morning.... I am in shorts, aT and flip-flops!

Stunning staircases are where
Entrances are made...
Goodbyes are tearfully embraced.


Stories are told on them...


Romantic proposals are often staged on them...
These are amazing with the iron embossed filagree.


The curvy lines of this staircase with the iron baluster is so lovely!

A couple weeks ago a friend invited me on a shopping trip to Northern California...
While in Carmel, I too her to see this beautiful French vintage staircase..

My Design tip: Staircases are certainly the biggest focal point for interior spaces. Vintage staircases will add instant history to a new home that can't be duplicated with new construction.

Have a beautiful Saturday...
 Perhaps, you'll come a cross a a vintage staircase when your with someone you love... 
might their be a romantic proposal!
Valentines is just around the corner!!!

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Thank you!


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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Winter's Wish

*Winter **** A favorite season of mine.
 I reminisce of my childhood growing up in the midwest with a lot of snow,
 the sound of the large pines whistling in the wind.
How I loved the sound of the crackling fire and the glow of candles in the window of our old house on the lake.
My mom used to set candles in the kitchen window...
Truly a sight I will never forget...walking up our hill from the lake when it was almost dark from ice skating, I could see the flicker of the candle in the window, glowing inside the house.
As if it were lighting my way home...

I couldn't wait to have hot Cocoa in my new french vintage cup... from a dear friend this Christmas!

This vintage french candle holder is a my newest favorite... I have 3 now!
Yesterday afternoon I grabbed a few of my favorite vintage pieces, a cozy fur for my chair and went down to our wood area under the big pines.  
{I could hear them whistling}!

LOVE it....It was windy and chilly here in SoCal!!!

Mmm... LOVE hot Cocoa, a perfect treat on a cold day.

A pair of vintage white ice skates that I keep out during the winter to remind me
of  those fun times...
My mom kept a basket on our porch for skates to be put in. 
The snow melted and dripped through the basket. I love remembering the details of my Winter's.

A pretty vintage spoon for my cocoa, a vintage clip on candle holder for a little candle glow... 
added a touch of coziness for me to relax and enjoy a few winter moments
 under the big pine near the woodpile.
I relish these shorter days...
 and LOVE spending time enjoying the WINTER season.

My design tip:  Grab some of your favorite vintage pieces, furs and blankets to refresh your decor.
Adding candles and faux furs will give your atmosphere instant coziness.

You well never look at WINTER the same!

For YOU to enjoy a 2013 filled with inspiring "Vintage " beauty.

Pour some coco.. and Hop on over to Second Shout Out blog for my "Saturday Designing with Vintage "post this morning.
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