Saturday, May 31, 2014

Inspirational pieces

Happy June eve...
Have you ever walked into a space and your attention is drawn to one piece?
It could be a large piece of furniture or a small accessory, but we feel the attraction.
I laugh while writing this.... because I can go into a store or even a flea market and my attention goes the only piece that is "NFS", has this happend to you?
That special piece is out there we just have to know it when we see it.

Sometimes when I see just one piece, it inpsires the entire design.

The hues of a vintage dresser can offer textile inspiration.

I love vintage chairs, their style seems to convey how the people lived.

A great find, a vintage piano stool.

A vintage table-desk, versatile and timeless.

A vintage kitchen cutting board/island can be the inspiration for the whole kitchen.

A classic vintage stove. 
I used one just like this for a renovation, Completely restored for safety.

Something as small as a vintage desk calender can inspire a theme for a buisness or a home office.

A unique set of vintage chairs just waiting for guests, truly make a statement of their own.

My Design tip:
Let a piece draw you in. Instincs guide you.
 When it's a vintage piece be prepared to buy it or it will be gone.
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A beautiful Saturday evening to you!
It's June eve....

All photos in this found on Pinterest.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lunch @ RL Chicago

A lovely morning to you!

I don't know about you.... but I always have some specific places I want to visit when traveling.
I eventually get to them which is really lovely!

This trip to the midwest, my causin arranged for us to take a beautiful train ride into chicago. 

It was a beautiful day...

We had lunch reservations at RL

His monogram on the silver....

Gorgeous displays throughout... 

So the fun story is...
We shopped around the store which was amazing, this lovely women sales associate asked us if we were dining?
Yes we were. She said, just go through the door here and you will be in RL. 
So we swent through this beautiful mirrored door and went right in!

I gave my name to the host and said, were a bit early for our reservation. 
He replied, {as he looked us over}
 do you mind....
 the only table available right now would be OPRAH'S!

We said, Yes that would be lovely!! We would love to sit there...
So we were honored to occupy Oprah's booth in the corner facing the dining room! 

Our service was exceptional, our lunch was heavenly!

So I can cross RL off my list, though I would certainly love to go back anytime...

I will post about the other places too!
A beautiful day to you!

As I blow a kiss to the heavens to my beautiful Mom who passed away on this day 12 years ago! 
She was the sweetest mom.
It was like yesterday, honestly...
I miss you dearly MOM...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Patriotic home

Morning Darlins,
Just returned from a trip, trying to get caught up, unpacked etc.... 
Had so much fun, I will share next week about it!
The memorial weekend is upon us.
 I look forward to seeing Patriotic colors of Red, White & Blue.
They sweetly remind us to share our heart & homes everyday.

The classic beach house with a bold red tin roof.


LOVING the Red adirondack indoors.


Vintage gingham & decortive stitching is so fresh, adding patriotic charm.


Faded vintage textiles are simply treasures.


Carefully displayed flag....





Vintage garden urns.... love them.


Where ever you are, nothing says America like a vintage barn with a beautiful flag.

My Design tip: Touches of red, white & blue can simply transform any home to a patriotic home.

A beautiful Memorial weekend to you,
 may we all be grateful & safe.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Couture vintage bridal

Morning Darlins,

As promised, i'd share my guest stylist looks with you! 
Tradtionally, when we think of bridal our color vision is white.
 Lace & satin with flowing veils and beautiful bouquets.

I was  thrilled and honored a few weeks ago when I was invited as one of four special guest stylists for a a luxury bridal runway show in San Diego, Ca. The Wedding Party Bridal Show.
 My assignment was to pick 4 models,8 gowns from groups that we're offered.
 Story boards complete with hair & make up. Ellie & her team from a A NEW TWIST, She got my vision quickly!
 Accessorizing our our own designer couture looks for each gown.
 I was honored to share my vintage style brand last Sunday. 
A beautiful bridal venue at "Vintana" for the bridal industry as well as brides.

My hope was to share inspiration for brides to dream the beautiful possibilities 
 a vintage wedding.

Here are the CASUAL LOVES ELEGANCE brides.

by Stacy Childers Photography who's beautiful eye behind the camera captures all.


A vintage french candle holder, beaver hat, opera gloves & heirloom jewelry.

Winter is ... snowflakes, woolens & bells. 

I made this felted woolen headpiece, 
it has tiny bells that quietly jingle like a sleigh in the snow, she had a wrist to match.


 Simple springs nests, twigs are elements from nature. 

White vintage french linen cuffs embellished with heirloom broaches for a touch of sparkle.

Of course the garden inspired this head piece for Spring. 
I wasn't sure how I would design & construct this but my vision was pure spring garden.

Here was the beginning of my moss, fennel & brussel sprout tiara at the farmers market!


Summer... is breezy scents of lavender. 

Transforming a vintage wicker wall pocket into a lace strapped pack with fresh lavender was simply perfect.

A beautiful tule dress, 
I was inspired by our lemon grove to fill my favorite french basket cart with branches of fresh lemons from home.


Every bride should wear something blue, these heirloom blue rhinestones were just what I needed to make this bracelet.
 She wore earrings and a necklace of blue vintage rhinestones too.


A vintage bow & arrow bag filled with long stems of fragrant white stock, 
a lovely vintage mink puff I made into a wristlet.
 Earthy twigs were shaped for her crown.

Autumn harvest comes to mind so I found the perfect white root vegetables!

A vintage white tule apron that belonged to my grandmother would be the perfect piece to bring  elegance to the harvest.

each season is unique, just as the seasons of life....

My Design Tip: A vintage Lifestyle is about creating a story with objects that reflect nostalgia. Beauty can be brought to everyday life through simple pieces reflecting how we live.
Style isn't about following a trend.

A beautiful Mother's Day weekend to all.

Thank you to PAMELA NOXEN producer of the WEDDING PARTY BRIDAL SHOW, San Diego's premier luxury bridal event.
ANDREA KENNEDY Fashion show/models coordinator.
all the lovely stylists whom brought their best to this luxury BRIDAL event. 
 I appreciate your beautiful endevors.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Show snippet,lemons? Yes Mam!

Afternoon Darlins...

Hope your weekend was filled with beauty, relaxation & fun!

Yesterday was the runway show that I was invited to be a guest stylist for.
 {8 different Bride looks}
A beautiful venue at "Vintana" for the special edition Wedding Party Bridal Show.
Here is a teeny sneak peak from the show!

Yes Mam! Fresh Lemons from my grove, of course in my favorite vintage french cart...

I will review and edit the photos & video for a complete blog post. 
Including the hair & makeup team who worked with my ideas and vision.

Maybe... a special interview.....
My fresh ideas about wedding style later in the week!

A beautiful day to you!

shout out to 
Love you, 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dear Vintage May

Morning Darlins,

Happy First weekend of May!

May is a sweet month for summer decor prep.
Timing is perfect to freshen up our vintage collections.
Take a little stock, 
maybe concentrate on adding a few vintage pieces to what we have or try something new.

Displaying treasures in a personal view of how we like to see objects arranged.


A bakers rack holds an all white collection of serving pieces 
along with blue and white transferware platters up on the wall.


Florals are pretty with other patterns.


All white with one pop of color.


A beautiful collection of jars & compotes. A simple high-low technique of layering.

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My Design tip: Organizing our collections and displays will help us to see what we have. Using our collections brings enjoyment while keeping them in good shape with careful washings by hand.

I have to run to rehearses....

Have a beautiful First Saturday of May!