Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I found this beauty in the sea yesterday.

Hi Darlins,

Have you ever found a big Sea shell? 
Last night, we loaded the dogs up and went to the beach to cool off,
  it was 102 here yesterday in San Diego!

We were walking with the dogs in the sand, shallow waves were breaking at our feet. 
I saw this round thing tumbling up to me, I couldn't believe it...

It was this beautiful shell...
 full of sand, a few rinses in the water and it revealed this!

  I have lived in Southern Cali for over 30 years, 
The largest shell I've found was about the size of a half a dollar.

I know it's silly but I think this was My Jacques Cousteau moment!

 4 1/2 wide x 3 1/2 inches high. 

Hmmm...I wonder how old it is and where it's traveled from?

I feel it's a reminder from the SEA & the universe 
that what we 
is truly right in front of us.

I love love love it so much..
Keeping it here in the foyer for a while!

We are  grateful for SEA 
 the the ever changing beauty in Nature we see.

Our dogs...
L} Lincoln - Saint Bernard
R} Miss Chloe -Tibetan Mastiff

A lovely rest of the week to you!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dear Bloggers I need your help - Childhood homes!

Dearest Bloggers, friends and readers,

I'm reaching out to all of you to help me get answers to some heart filled questions.

says YES we can go home again! 
Please click the two links below and you will understand the question.

I need the answers ASAP from all of you who care and obsessed about your childhood or family homes, it can be yours or a relative's.
 YOU KNOW.. that place you have never forgotten and it lives in your dreams *

1. Would you buy back your childhood or family home?
2. Do you dream of your childhood or family home?
3. Are you thinking about buying back your childhood or family home or in the process now?

Last night I theses were posted on

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followed by this 


My Answers are all YES!

Leave a comment with your answers or if Q.3 is PV message on the link to my FB.

* If QUESTION 3 is YES, 
YOU are thinking about buying your childhood home or in the process. 

I need to know ASAP... we need to seriously talk! I will explain why later. (I am not selling anything)
Please Private message me on my  Face Book 
Leave name, email, phone

My Childhood home is everything to me.
I want to know what you think from your heart about the articles and please take a moment to answer the questions in my comment section.

Thank you sooooo much your beautiful

Monday, September 12, 2016

French Lilacs

Hi Darlins,

It's a beautiful September morning in SoCal, a cool soft breeze fills the air.

French Lilacs remind me of summers at our Lake House.
My Mother Loved them!
I think she would watch for them to bloom every year.
She would say "the Lilacs are ready" I would go gather a bouquet for her.
I can still imagine her cutting them over the sink and arranging them in old milk bottles, 
smelling each batch when she finished, the fragrance was unforgettable.

This Spring when we were at the nursery getting our dwarf trees for the front garden beds,
 I spotted a pair of French Lilacs & Now you now why I love them so much!!!

The cooler temps has me wondering about ours, still in containers, one is blooming again, 
but the other is only leafing out!

Isn't this bloom heart shaped???

This ones either supper happy or the cooler weather is tricking it to bloom again!

This one?

A beautiful week to you, 
enjoy the little things too!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Coming soon the Powder bath reveal

A beautiful September to you..

I hope your weekend was relaxing & fun!
Ours was filled with landscape projects, cleaning out the workshop & hosting a dinner party!
All of which I enjoyed...

We had dinner guests that were touring around and went to see the new powder bath..
 I will be revealing it soon here!

Both husband and wife LOVED the powder bath, they came out saying this person would love it and that person would love it!!
Awe... a sweet feeling after you put soooo much thought, research and time into a space.

A sneak peek at the 100 year old marble sink..
I was on pins and needles opening the crate, it was shipped from New York.
 It made the trip across the coast beautifully!!

I LOVE having a little stack of vintage finger tip linens for guests.

I had some vintage glass I was saving cut to size for this frame. The size just fit!

These might be the last of the heirloom rose blooms from the garden ...

Soon I will do the reveal, I'm waiting for a couple more finishing details, you know how that goes!

Off to back to school night, one week under our belt, last night a photo shoot for Senior pics!

A lovely evening to you,