Sunday, January 29, 2012

Platter Girl*

Morning Darlins* Woke up early this morning to beautiful light coming through my window... I love mornings before anyone gets up! Usually I make a fire, but we are having georgeous weather and it's too warm! Make a light breakfast and a Nespresso. Our kitchen is in the front of the house which faces east, the sunrises are amazing . Our house is always sofly lit! One of our priorities we had on our list when house hunting was a east-west house... We have exactly that .. The back of the house is bathed in afternoon sun so the pool gets warm, it's so awesome to dine outside, see the ocean and enjoy the sunsets. {Our house is high up on a hill}.

To change the subject a little... No you didn't read party girl... you read platter girl! I have a few...ok alot... of platters. I haven't seen them in a while, they are still packed. I do have a few stacked mostly vintage brown & white transferware, monogrammed hotel and white ironstone. I love them! My mom started giving me platters! So I just kept growing my collection!

Are you a platter girl? What do you collect? I probably have them too...

The plates on the wall are from my old beach house. The stack is waiting for a wall!!

My design tip: use your collection on your walls in a artisitc display. Or use them to hold things that you use everyday. Enjoying them is part of what makes collecting fun!

Beautiful Sunday to you*

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cozy and Romantic...Winter Whites*

How's your week Darlins...
I love love love Whites.
I see whites everywhere but am only drawn to a few. I have my favorites and I can spot them a mile away!
Today I am in my Winter White mode...The richness of the textures bring out a warm hue and it feels cozy and romantic...
Do you have a favorite white?

Have a beautiful afternoon..

P.S. I received so many lovely and sweet emails about my post for my Mom...Thank you kind words so much!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My mother's favorite day*

How do we celebrate the lives of those who are in heaven now? I know for sure we can't forget... I know their love remains with us. Memories of the heart don't ever leave us or fade....

Today is my Mother's birthday. I can't stop remembering her birthday each and every year that goes by.... I can't forget that it was her favorite day of the year and how we used to plan for it ....

I adored my Mother, she was a unique women who was so genuine. Her smile could mend anything, her courage, strength and resilience were so admirable. She was a beautiful person. She was the love of my Dad's life and of all who knew her. She was a Grandmother to three and loved them immensely. Her love and patience seemed to grow daily with them and she was so proud of being their Grandma.
She was sister to four an Auntie to many! A sister-n-law to thirteen who kept up with everyone and their children. A dear friend to many, whom she said she was fortunate to have known!

I 'm celebrating your life.. So blessed God Gave me you for my mom..
Happy Birthday Dearest Mom.
I'll blow these wishes with a kiss to the heaven's tonight*
Miss you...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vintage enamelware*

This white vintage enamelware bowl is huge. I love it! The spout looks like it may have been used in pouring batter. We eat a lot of fruit so I keep it sitting on the counter filled with delicious fruit. Usually lemons, grapefruit, tangerines and apples from our fruit trees.
The enamel bowl rests inside a vintage silver trivet perfectly... I love how it looks together besides keeping it from tipping! I have a collection of enamel ware. I once found some enamel pieces at an estate sale that a doctor had who was in his 90's and used them in his practice! They are fabulous and I use them for storing and keeping smalls organized.

My design tip: When you find vintage unusual items don't pass them up. After you get them all cleaned up you will be surprised how many ways you will use them.

photos: the vintage enamel "fruit trees" sign will be perfect for our lemon grove..
Come spring it will be in the grove! The vintage oil can I found on one of my mid west trips. A vintage oval ironstone dish from my collection, vintage silver spoon with face of president "George Washington".
Hope your enjoying your weekend!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Swedish Miss Miele*

Happy Friday*
Today I'm wishing my sweetheart *Happy Birthday* {No post about him, he's off blog land limits}!
Ok I had to at least wish him a HB.....

We jumped the gun a bit... Ya'll know I'm renovating, the origin dishwasher that was in the kitchen when we purchase the house died a couple years ago, so we removed it. We didn't want to buy a new one until the new kitchen was completed. I would like to claim we are a fun couple... Think of it... as a romantic outing, just the two of us strolling hand in hand through the beautiful stainless appliances! Stay with usually is followed by a little lunch or dinner!

Seriously, love to look at home appliances, bath fixtures anything to do with design, home or landscaping. I have to check out everything I do my homework on everything and only buy the very best quality. We purchased our dishwasher and it has just been sitting waiting under a painter's cloth in the dining room in appliance alley! We haven't had a dishwasher for over a year..
We finally gave in and said let's install we can't do another dish by hand... {we will just take it out for a couple days when we are installing cabinets}

Ok, I'm serious darlins.. When it comes to appliances I must be frank... I'm extremely, selective. At our beach house I had a Asko and a Viking. Both nice, though we had water spots on our dishes. I want crystal clear, sparkling glassware and silverware!

Absolutely this new dishwasher the most amazing one yet!
This swedish beauty is a "Miele". It is Fabulous and it uses this cute salt to condition the water just for it's own use. I like to think it add s extra sparkle. Inside and out are stainless. Sooo quiet! Yes... complete with a pretty little chime when the cycle is completed.

If your in the market for a new dishwasher... I highly recommend this Miele {Optima} She's pricy but value and performance are excellent! {this isn't the entry model}.

Here is a picture of our"Miss Miele". BYTW The Meile vacuum is fabulous too. I am on my second one! I have been using Miele products for about 20 years!

My design tip: When purchasing appliances, do your homework. Buy the best you can afford. Stainless or custom wood panels will hold their value best for resale. Unless you are going with the European model ranges {stove} then they are the "Ultimate". In their own category of Fabulous! Note: must get the specs of appliances or purchase ahead of the cabinets. Or you will have a huge problem with the appliance not fitting.

I know she would sing if she had beautiful cabinets surrounding her! Did I tell you my middle name? It's Patience!!!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Favorite vintage fountain*

Happy White Wednesday! This is a vintage, turn of the century fountain...
I have had it for quite a few years, I acquired it through a trade! I had a vintage garage door that had a mural on it and this darling lady had this fountain. The fountain was sooo expensive, I asked her if she would trade and she said yeah for your door! Deal...

It was outside in my garden for a while then I saw a bit too rust rust, I brought it inside.

It has a special place in our front entry hall and I keep it filled all year with flowers.
Usually my favorite... White hydrangeas* Now it has white hydrangeas,white birch twigs and a little bird nest filled with tiffany blue eggs.
It welcomes my family home everyday to our NEST!!

My Design tip: Bring your garden accessories inside for decor, they incorporate a great earthy and worn element to your decor.

Have a wonderful evening, going to make a fire and start dinner the boyz are coming up the driveway!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wellie wear*

Morning lovelies... It seems as if we have an extra day added to our weekend, kids are happy with a little more sleep and a rainy day schedule today!
We are spoiled here in So. Cal, but it did rain last night and is sprinkling this morning..
Leaving my house in a few minutes and anytime I can wear a little "foul weather" gear... LOL'
I Love it..
This pair of black wellies have seen better days..I have several pairs and I love them all!
Have fun if you're going out into some kind of weather, where ever you are! Grab some hot tea to keep you cozy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Stylish Vintage Housekeeping cupboard*

Darlings...Hope your off to have a fabulous weekend...Our weather here in So.Cal has been just perfect for the whole month,we truly are so spoiled here!
I have been trying to get organized... I have been editing my things and organizing cupboards etc. Beginning a new year, I feel that urge to get my space refreshed and clear!

Finding this special vintage cupboard has to be one of my favorite pieces.. I first spied it then yes...began pining for it! Each visit it I would re-measure it... as if I didn't already know the measurements by heart. Then I would check the price, again hopes I misread it the last time! Eventually I purchased it along with two other fabulous vintage pieces I'll share later with you.

Here is what I know from the shopkeeper. This was the only piece she had ever seen like this! This is a 1890s' European vintage{Antique} pine piece, it was called a "Housekeeping cupboard"... Don't you love that description!! You know I couldn't breath when I heard this!
In a stately chateau or french farmhouse, I can just imagine the crisply ironed, stacked vintage linens and eiderdowns on the shelfs displayed just like a shop.. Of course with all the beautiful monograms facing out, for quick recognition. Immediately, I knew what the piece would be used for. It will be perfect for the new kitchen, holding all of my dishes and vintage table linens! It is 8'1/2 H x 11' W. It is all pine and it is one of a kind the shopkeeper told me. When she assured me that she has only come across this one, in all of her travels and shopping, I knew that I would cherish it in my kitchen!

My design tip:When shopping for an Antique piece, consider how you intend to use it. Antiques like this are fabulous... but might not be strong enough to support a lot of load on the shelfs or in the drawers.

Have a beautiful Saturday*

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Awe...Thank you Starbucks!

Awe...Starbucks you shouldn't have.... Or what took you so long?

Ya'll know Starbucks {I refer to them as Starbucky's} is introducing Blonde Roast.
A delicate, golden light roast coffee just for us blondes !!
How sweet to honor us with our own blend...
Hmm... maybe they want to have more fun too!!
As a blonde we immediately assume it's about us, right ... It's just natural!

{Back during the time when this photo shoot was taking place, I was only a tea and coco drinker!}
Hope you have fun with me on this*

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Tribute *xo Mom

Happy New Years!

This post is a *Birthday*tribute for my son "C" .

{Let's see if i can get through this while I can see the keys}
Today is special because my son "C" was born 13 years ago at 1:06 pm. His birth was a blessing! My pregnancy was easy. Each day I would rub my {Huge} belly while saying the same 4 words...."Hi! It's me mommie". The moment my doctor handed him to me I said those same 4 words, Hi! It's me mommie... I said to my husband, this baby has the sweetest soul... Well 13 years later he has brought that sweetness to us each and every day of his life.

Today we celebrate him on his 13th birthday...I'm grateful for God's blessing, I am so honored to be his mommie. Sorry {MOM}!
He's a dude now... however his dad and I know him as.....* Loving * Spiritual * Laughter * Strength * Inspiration * Inspirational * Charming * Unique * Humanitarian * Animal lover* Humor * Silliness *Goodness * Sweetness * Caring * Sensitive * Energetic * Talkative* Friendly * Soulful * Friend * Brother * SON * Grandson* Cousin* Compassionate * Athletic * Suave * Cool * Fun * Exciting * Daring * Hilarious * Witty * Risk taker* Courteous * Gracious * Humble * Courage * Smile * Enthusiastic *Dependable* Independent * Thinker * Creative *Mechanically inclined * Dreamer *
Just to call you out on a few Honey *

*Happy Birthday *

I Love you from the bottom of my heart *King C*

Enjoy the photos ....just a few memories