Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Darlins

Happy Halloween Darlins!

Check out this cool XTRA large Cinderella pumpkin....
I had to share it with you.
It is on the counter at Zinc cafe in Newport beach!

Be safe & have fun
the good witch

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Elements for cozy weekends

Morning Darlins,
Weekends are my favorite around our home.
 Somehow it feels like time is less structured, we aren’t watching the time so closely.
 Simply more engaged in really enjoying the moments. 

Though the to-do list is long during the day, it’s the evenings we look forward to. 
Enjoying those long dinners by the fire. 
Lounging in the mornings a little longer is lovely too. 
Baking with new recipes to try out on the family. 

Cozy elements inspire our spaces
 encourage us to embrace the time we spend relaxing in them.


Forgot your broom!!!

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My Design tip: Dim lights, use candles and bring out softt textures. 
Let your senses guide your ideas of a cozy space.

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 & shop my vintage for your cozy home.

A beautiful weekend to you...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pops of Pumpkin

 Love waking up to the scent of wood logs burning in the dining room fireplace, 
our second Autumn fire!
The color PUMPKIN is a warm balance.
 It's neutral, yet not boring or safe in a design sense. 
I like adding pops of it this time of year with vintage accents.

From Fashion to Furnishings & accessories in between. 
Let's peek at PUMPKIN, this Autumn neutral.

 Remember these fireplaces? They're back!

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My Design tip: Adding pops of color is a simple and inexpensive way to update a space. Easily changed out every season if you like.

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Shop my vintage finds.

Here's to a beautiful Autumn weekend!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Doin what makes folks happy!

Happy Friday Darlins...
Are you doin what makes you happy?????????????
Hmmm got ya!
Something to ponder isn't it!
I'm pondering how cool this is! 

 I fell in love with each one!
The Antlers..silly!
Last night we had a casual meeting at this cool industrial spot 
 Booze Brothers Brewery, located in Carlsbad, Ca.
 cool industrial-vintage vibe and I loved seeing how creative this company is...
I love stories of start ups...
We heard a couple of cool stories  from the owners last night. 
It's was obvious,
 that these folks are DOIN what makes them HAPPY!

Another cool story from the owner of MISH MASH Gourmet San Diego  
as he shared his impressive culinary background.

We ordered two exceptional artisan gourmet items, 
local fish tacos and organic grass fed angus burger.
Oh my goodness....Delicious!
I really wanted to try the truffle fries, next time....just have to say I tried them...
Couldn't come home with out burgers for the boys, just wouldn't be right!

When someone is creative and passionate about what they feel it. 
It elevates the entire experience for us, they are sharing their gift.

Sharing Local goodness is fun!
So cool to meet folks that are doin what makes them happy!

Happy Friday!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Curating my Autumn Pinterest

Morning Darlins,
Oops, a little mix up on my Saturday series, sorry next week you will see it...

Let's have a little fun & inpire with what I've been curating on 


Enjoy! I have fun looking at everyones boards too, 
Pin away & I hope you find one thing you adore and will want to add to your season.

A beautiful Autumn weekend to you

Saturday, October 4, 2014

October's hush

A lovely Saturday...
Interesting that October is called the "hush before winter". 
It really is...
Quietly the leaves turn beautifully
 then fall to the ground blanketing it in preparation of winter.
We blanket ourselves in Autumns cozy fashions
our homeswith textures that connect us to nature.
A welcoming sprig of berries, wreaths and pumpkins to inspire the beginning of October.
Our tin man's shed need a little love for Autumn...

My full post
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My Design tip: Gather your vintage adornments, layer clothing, home and your outdoor dining spaces with cozy textures in natural shades.    

Layer your spirit with the Hush of October....

A beautiful day to you,

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Autumn's new favs

Welcoming October...

Yesterday afternoon I was in the mood to make something new for dinner.
Perhaps linking this to being inspired by a couple recent culinary classes.

I began with my search for 
a new soup.
then I found a cookie that looked delicious,
found a second cookie recipe 
which made perfect sense,
 since I would have all the ingredients and mixer out!!!

A HUG & HUGE homerun!
These lemon cookies...

I took them outside so we could taste them in the Autumn air!

Couldn't walk away for a second...
I had to shoo away all the boys and the dogs while I was trying to snap this photo!

The soup I made was Asparagus potato,
Not a hit, too remake on that one!
{ I thought with over a pound of asparagus it would be ok }

I made a goat cheese quiche for the main course.
I sort of winged it off a old standard I make. 
A HUGE hit with the boys.

I made two types of cookies.
 this lemon cookie,
 A HUGE HUGE HIT with the boys!
The last two cookies were grabed when they were going out the door this morning!

The second cookie, an old version of the first original toll house cookie.
Very good, a better than ave from the usual recipe. No need to photograph!

I LOVE trying new recipes, 
my family has pretty good pallets, 
I know instantly what's a hit!

A beautiful day to you,