Saturday, July 28, 2012

Styling candles

Good Morning lovelies!
I was helping a client with her home and I noticed she had a lot of pretty, but basic candle holders. She said, jut put them aside I am really bored with them! I love candles! I didn't want her to give up having candles in her home so I told her what I'd do! I will be redoing all her candle styling now she is very excited! Which gave me the perfect topic for my post today!

The beautiful light reflected from a candles glow is something that can't be duplicated by an electric light. Candles suggest a relaxing ambiance that brings a element of coziness,warmth and romance. Though I have beautiful Antique sterling candle sticks that I adore for sentimental reasons, I still love to create my own candle holders out of salvage vintage finds and use them when styling spaces in my own home as well as others. Here are a few pieces from my home.

The columns and balusters I made from architectural pieces! My favorite vintage find is a Antique carriage Lantern! (They used to be lit with wick and Kerosine )
Please  Hop over to Second Shout Out blog to read my whole post Saturday's Designing with Vintage series I have there!

My Design tip: Implement unique elements to hold your candles. Exchanging traditional candle sticks for one of a kind vintage finds is a perfect way to add a fresh, personal touch!

Try this: In the morning, light a scented candle in your kitchen when you are preparing your breakfast and you will feel a touch of Luxe!!

Enjoy your Saturday,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vintage grape picking bucket

I hope your having a wonderful week!      
Trimming plants in the garden is always a task I look forward to....because if they need trimming, then they are still alive and growing!!!!
 I trimmed some Salvia that is huge, it was growing across the walk way and surely will get caught in the mower. I knew it would last long after being cut!
 I put the Salvia in my vintage french grape picking bucket and brought it inside to enjoy it on the dining table.

They started wilting immediately!

Love it's french label...

 Here is my vintage french grape picking bucket. I have seen smaller ones and reproductions everywhere! This one is authentic. Has a label still on it and leather straps. I love it!
Happy trimming!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Vintage

ummer Vintage *** A Sweet Treat

Summer's here in Southern California {SoCal] are spent living outdoors... the evenings cool down and it is really perfect for alfresco dining, lighting a fire in the firepit or a dip in the pool as the sun is setting!
Vintage textiles like Gingham, Linen and Eyelet are sweet, yet offer a romantic touch for summer.
                                               I love to bring these elements outdoors!

After a long week of honey-doos for me, I put a little note on his shovel... Meet me at sunsest on the bench by the firepit, a sweet Thankyou treat is waiting!

Quickly I...... Hop over and read the rest of this post  here

My Design Tip: Use your vintage dishes, stemware, silver and linens for little moments. These treasures elevate ordinary to special.... anytime... anywhere!

Have a beautiful Saturday! 

Photos: at home GailP.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fresh Fluffy Friday!

Unique find!

Doesn't everyone love fluffy, fresh towels? My house is no exception...I found this large metal rack many years ago, It's industrial looking and I loved it. I had it powdered coated so I could put white fluffy towels in it. I first used it at my beach house in the boys bathroom., now it is in the master bath  here.

Can you guess what this is?
 First I have it hung upside down...It is a vintage heater grate.  They are found in old apartments and homes!
It is the perfect piece to hold the fresh fluffy towels!

My Design tip: Have everyday items handy so that you can grab them easily. Look for unique pieces to organize them in!

Happy Friday*

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Del Mar opens*

Morning Darlins,
It is a beautiful sunny morning here in SoCal. You can hear a pin drop it is so quiet. Not for long! Today is opening day for the 75th annual Del Mar race season.
Our little north county beach towns will be flooded with race enthusiasts and visitors for the season.
                           Here are some fun local facts for you! 
    Del Mar is a beautiful and romantic beach town. Location: north of Sandiego and La Jolla it sits next to Rancho Santa Fe in North County. From it's opening, Del Mar quickly established itself as a play ground for Hollywood. Among the icons who spent time at the race track here were such as Dorothy Lamour, W.C. Fields, Edgar Bergen, Ann Miller, Don Ameche, Ava Gardner, Red Skelton, Bing Crosby, Pat O'brien, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Desi Arnez and Lucille Ball. Many of them owned properties here in the area and a few of their families still have them today.
     Riding legend of Del Mar racetrack and most notable was William Lee "Bill Shoemaker". He was the first apprentice to claim the race tracks riding title in 1949 and went on to achieve record breaking feats at the Del Mar race track for 40 years.
Crosby & O'briens money and inflluence are what made the modern day Del Mar Racing season so successful, and as a tribute to Crosby, his little song title, "Where the Turf meets the Surf" is played on commercials during the season and is played before post time each day. By the way, the City of Del Mar adopted that saying for it's motto!

We found this horse shoe on our property when we were grading... I love it and it is fitting for today!

Have a beautiful day!

Real Estate: If your dream is to own a little beach house in Del Mar, Cardiff by the Sea, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Leucadia or a country house in Rancho Santa Fe or Olivenhain...

 Drop me an email at
 l will be happy to assist you, next year you can grab your hat and go to the opening day at Del Mar!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Birthday wish from MOM

   Morning Darlins...a beautiful sunny morning here in SoCal.
 Today is my oldest sons birthday... 
Looking back on the day my oldest son was born like it was yesterday, it was a beautiful sunny day too.
I still to this day can’t even talk about him with out happy tears in my eyes! 
I can’t explain....he just has my heart in his hand!

He is an athlete, competitor and a kind spirit. I wish him happiness and success. He has amazing perseverance and will give in life whatever it takes.

     I couldn’t be more honored and proud of the young man he is... and to be his MOM!
                                                             Happy Birthday Son!
                                                                   All my LOVE,

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kitchen's Part-2

Happy Saturday! Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend... It is overcast and muggy here in SoCal, though I prefer this for working on outdoor landcaping projects which is what I have going at the moment ! Also still in kitchen mode....Don't you multitask too!!!!!

My Saturday blog Series "Designing with Vintage" is Kitchen' part -2 . continues...
This was a 1950's complete house renovation I loved doing this project it was like going back in time!  Since I have been in kitchen mode I thought I would share this design project. This is a photo of the before and after.

Follow me over to Second Shout Out BLOG for the whole post!

My Design tip: When buying or renovating a home from a certain design style it is important to deciede whether to change it or keep it the same. Changing the style in only one room isn't going to be good for resale.. The house should have continuity of style.

Have a beautiful Saturday*

Thursday, July 12, 2012


This week has just gone by so fast.. I can't believe it's the middle of july!
I have to show you a sweet treat I recieved the other morning when I was working on the computer.... I was handed this! Look at the presentation! Awe..guess after all these years my touches have been noticed! LOVE...

The juice is made fresh from apples from our trees, carrots and kale...
I love fresh juicing!

Have a beautiful day,

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vintage kitchen

Morning! Let's start the weekend...
Wasn't this week was fun with the 4th of July in the middle... I did some vintage shopping last weekend and found a few fabulous pieces for my home! Of course I'll share later!
Last night we tried making pizza again and it was really good! I'm not eating carbs right now so it was torture to only have a tasting.. Shaping the dough is not isn't a round pizza, nor a square pizza it is a shape unto its own! It is something that everyone can get involved in and it is fun to cook on our new professional duel fuel Wolf range {Sooo excited even if it's a temporary hook up!} 
This brings me to talking about Kitchen's it is my favorite room to design, as I write this I am in the beginning stages of designing and renovating my Kitchen... I am in kitchen mode!
Today I have my second post  Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" on Second Shout Out 
 Hop over visit me!
Have a beautiful Saturday*

This is photo is of my vintage sink find!!! On the floor of the shop! She is home safe and sound and already up on her platform in the Butler's pantry...