Monday, April 23, 2012

Beautiful Encinitas, Ca Garden Tour

Hi Darlin's Happy Monday... I hope your weekend was fun!

SoCal has beautiful weather and it allows us the privilege to spend so much of our lives outdoors! Some of us {Me too} love to Garden, some of us really get into our outdoor spaces... I LOVE to see beautiful gardens! Saturday I went to the Encinitas Garden Festival & Tour. The tour was in Leucadia east of 5.
The tour began at a central parking area where we boarded the cutest RED european double decker bus..then it dropped us off at Capri Elementary School where the fun began at the "marketplace" that was set up with talented vendors with Vintage items and Garden accoutrements adorned with plantings, herbs and everything garden related and a very nice silent auction. We received a wrist band & a neighborhood map marked where each home on the tour was.

The homes were each unique with descriptions in our guide book so we could read about each garden on our walk. I had the best time and it was fun to bump into so many people I knew and see the talent of our local area in our own backyards!

What I saw... Beautiful living arches, stone walls, ponds, espaliers, vintage cars in {Man Cave} garages, bird enclosures, chicken coups, raised garden beds, succulent gardens, rain water reservoirs, vegetable gardens, roses gardens, sweet pea trellis's', fountains, garden rooms, vintage benches, garden art and the community walking & enjoying the labor of love that these gardeners have treated us to on a beautiful day in their neighborhood gardens.

I might add this event is organized by a volunteer committee who spends hundreds of hours each year to make it a success..they did a fabulous job and it was beautiful extremely organized. Special Kudos and congrats go out to friends Jennifer Axelrod & Nan Sterman.

The contributions go to community projects such as the Healing Garden at Scripps Memorial Hospital,Encinitas School gardens, Community resource center - Carol's House Gardening project and others..

Look forward to next year....A big Thank You for a beautiful event*
Enjoy the photos I took on my tour..

Friday, April 20, 2012

Silvery French Mirror*

Happy Friday...
I am excited for the weekend aren't you? Looking forward to having some fun!
Speaking of excited..
In my design I will be incorporating french mirrors. I LOVE to use them as my Artwork.
I have been collecting Vintage mirrors for this project. Couldn't wait so took this one from my storage and had to see hanging somewhere...
The perfect scale and piece to marry this Vintage Silver French mirror with is our Vintage French marble wall console....
Somehow it is better than I remember. I forgot how pretty she was.
Here she is and I think she will hang here for a while until this wall comes down!

My design tip: When you see something that is perfect for your home just buy it. Vintage items will not be there when you want it later.

Enjoy a beautiful weekend*

Thursday, April 19, 2012

One nightstand

Hey Gotcha...Yikes it is not that!
Thought I would share what is on my one nightstand!
You know the one... on my side of the bed....It has a few of my favorite sparkly, pretty, flowery & fragrant accouterments.
I love little old pine cupboard box with the red cross on the glass door, I left it as found, perfectly faded pink paint. {I don't usually repaint things}. I have lots of vintage rhinestones and I keep some in this large glass jar, so sparkly in the morning & afternoon when the sun hits it! A vintage brush and of course a tiny photo of our wedding Kiss! Always fresh flowers & some kind of candle.

Y'all know I'm in love with Vintage.. I have always arranged my pretty things around my home and incorporated them in my decor. Seeing them reminds me of the stories, places & the people who I adored that gifted them to me.

What is on your nightstand? If you want to tell... send me a pic and I'll share it!

my design tip: Surround yourself with personal objects that tell your story. Vintage already has such fabulous patina and is unique.

So there you have it, I just spilled the beans about my one nightstand!
Have a beautiful day*

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wall flower***

Darlin's I'm a teeny step closer to entertaining! You see I am a little excited even for drywall..I am loving this Range wall. I can see it done!
There is so much to go, but a girl can celebrate the little things can't she!
Hope you have something little to celebrate today... even if it's YOU*

Sunday, April 15, 2012

*3* Friends delivering Beauty*

Morning Darlin's,
We had some thundering-lighting-hail & windy weather her is So.Cal the last couple of days.. Back to pretty blue skies this morning!

1* A couple weeks ago I was visiting one of my favorite blogs "Splenderosa". Marsha was hosting a giveaway for one of her stunning pieces.. I decided to go for it... {I never win anything..}Probably because I don't enter!!
Oh My goodness... I received a lovely email from Marsha telling me I WON her beautiful Giveaway! I was so excited. Here it is.... I received it in the mail!
Thank you so very much Marsha for hosting the beautiful giveaway.. I am so grateful to be the winner!
Please stop by the beautiful blog "Splenderosa" has so much fun with her blog you can tell! Click here
Her jewelry is stunning... Go ahead & pick out something pretty for yourself to wear this Spring ... You deserve it!

2* In the mail we received the most Beautiful wedding invitation.. {See the star fish}. It was delivered in a white box with silver banding! It was from our friends. The invitation was for their daughter Heidi who is getting married next month at L'Auberge Del Mar. She and her family are so excited... It is going to be a beautiful wedding.. Looking forward seeing her sachet down the isle! {I was a guest at her bridal shower a couple of weeks ago, they pulled out out all the stops for a beautiful afternoon}.

3* Yesterday a friend came by to bring flowers... She brought this beautiful bouquet she arranged! What a lovely week of delightful beauty from friends near and far! Beautiful things come in threes!!!

Here is my pics to share*

Have a pretty Sunday*
P.S Darlins, I am planning my 1st giveaway for you too!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

French Tin Man's Shed*

Hey Darlins,
Has this been a busy time for ya'll too.
To be honest I just realized that Easter was this Sunday!
I have been so busy I haven't had time to decorate or focus on the Holidays.
This whole month is just a blur...I need to catch a breath here soon!
I thought I would share a glimpse of our french Tin Man's shed that my husband built ...
It is a fab space that he stores all his tools in and he has everything all handsomely organized!
I had to have a tin copula and roof... The vintage barn door is from my retail store I was waiting for the perfect place for it. I LOVe LOVe LOVe how it turned out. I will share more pics later.

Happy Easter Blessings to you and your family's*