Saturday, December 27, 2014

Storage for 2015

Morning Darlins,
Hope your holidays's were wonderful....
We will be packing away our holiday decorations and accouterments this week.
With 2015 around the corner it's time to freshen up and edit our spaces for enjoying the calm and cozy winter days. 
It's the perfect time to re-think ordinary storage. 
Utilizing vintage items for storage is a cool way to incorporate a solution into your decor.

I have several suitcases that I stack. They are pure storage. 
Each one stores holiday contents inside and marked by little tages i made. 
They can be moved anywhwere , and can be used for anything you like to keep readily available.

The wall of suicases is a cool idea too.

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My Design tip: Storage is essential for everyone. If your going to buy something, think outside the box and look for something vintage that adds character to your space.
New Year.

Photos 3-8 Pinterest

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A peak into our Southern Califonia home this Christmas.....

Morning Darlins,
It's almost time to settle in for Christmas...
I hope your list is getting smaller & your just about ready to enjoy
A sneak peak into my home this Christmas, 
I have had several inquiries asking if & when I would be sharing!

A beautiful Merry Christmas from our Cali home to yours.

Still searching for the box that has the Christmas stockings!!!

My Design tip: For the Holidays I only have one tip. Decorate your home with what you love. The pieces that hold your fondest memories.

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My wishes for a heartfelt Christmas with family, 
friends and the memories that you hold most dear.

Monday, December 15, 2014

*10* more days....

On the tenth day of Christmas...

i lit this candle in my kitchen 
to reflect upon the brightness of this day.

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful day...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

cozy spots part 2

With the holiday bustle everywhere, 
I hope you can create a place that is cozy to come home to. 
Yesterday I shared mine... 

Here a few more I found you might enjoy too!


My Desgin tip: Creating a corner to read or take a nap in is a special treat.

More here...on my Second Shout Out Saturday's Designing with Vintage series. 
& shop some cozy things for your space.

Enjoy the fullest beauty of this holiday season.

Friday, December 12, 2014

A cozy Christmas corner

Morning Darlins...

OMGoodness... it's a winter storm...SoCal style!
Rain & wind here & snowing in Mammoth!
The top story of our house is only the master bedroom & ensuite, 
the house sits high up on a knoll, surrounded by gigantic eucalyptus & few old pines...
 when those winds start blowing, it whistles through the windows.
...the upstairs hasn't been renovated yet!

So it's the perfect day to share the coziest Christmas spot in our living room!

My SIL & niece sent me this Reindeer feed sack... L*O*V*E*

I have wrapped a few gifts hope to finish soon!
I soooo hope you L*O*V*E this time of year too....
A busy day I have to scoot...
Stay cozy!

P.S. Grab your latte or cocoa tommoro & come by for Saturday's "Designing with vintage" here...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh my Deer, Louie & a our fat bare tree...

Happy Wednesday Darlin's...
So much excitment in the air...can you feel it?
Are you decorated, wrapped & coiffed for the holiday's?
I'm getting there almost done with decorating!
Here's a peak...

Oh my vintage deer....
swaddled with evergreens & crowned with a gentleman's silk antique campaign hat.

Evergreens in the dining room
 flank the Louis Antique french mirror above the fireplace.

...the fattest bare tree, I think it breaks our records for girth!!!
{getting it in the house and up on the vintage cart was priceless}
Tonight the plan is to decorate it! 
Every so beautiful to me, just as it is...

Hope your enjoying a beautiful holly jolly day!!!
Soon, maybe tomorrow I will share a cozy corner I have put together...

Saturday, December 6, 2014

vintage sleds & sleighs

Happy Holiday's Darlins,
I hope your having some holiday fun...

Since last spring,  I've been pining for the vintage black sleigh I spotted at a flea market. 
It would sooooo be mine except.... I couldn't get it from the midwest to Cali!

So many favorite and nostalgic images of Christmas include pure olde school fun on sleds and sleigh rides. 
Images that inspire the holidays with vintage beauty and happiness. 
Keep may find something vintage like these to use for your holiday decor. 
Truly a magical sight!

If you dare...
& have a large enough space why not bring them inside, 
after all it's Christmas!

Photos Pinterest

My design tip: Vintage toys, sleds & skates curate a playful & nostalgic feeling to holiday decor. Have fun with them.

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A beautiful Saturday to you,

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A December welcome


I L*O*V*E* this time of year.
 Each year I strive to stay in the moment & enjoy all that December has to offer.
Of course Christmas... but more than the holiday it's the heartful goodness that I enjoy most.

At our all begins with the scent of Christmas.

mmm smells like Christmas!
One of many fresh evergreen wreaths that are hung around our home.
here's a peak!

A beautiful December day to you!