Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Hallow's eve*

Morning... happy Hallow's EVE!

The last of our hydrangeas...
 hanging the last to dry is when I feel the seasons are really changing here in southern California.

I snuggled a few here and there to enjoy!

In the kitchen with my vintage ironstone platters...

on the olde garden chair, in this vintage jelly mold...

from our back porch outside looking inside

we won't be carving these tonight...they will stay through thanksgiving!

A beautiful Autumn morning after some much needed rain the last couple of nights!

Happy Hallow's eve*

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lovely vintage mirror accents

Morning Darlin's
I hope your relaxing with a cup of your favorite tea or coffee...

Today for my Saturday's Designing with Vintage series for SECOND SHOUT OUT blog,
 I want to share my love for Vintage mirrors with you!

There is something so beautiful about a vintage mirror.
The missing silver of the mirror seems to become enhanced with age. 
Worn paint and gilding tell the story of the places it has graced.

This large 18th century french mirror hangs over our mantle in the dining room.
 The room has great height for this mirror with the ceilings opened to the second floor. 
 I think this mirror is about 6ft tall.
The light fills this room in the afternoon from the west and reflects off the mirror.
 I fell in love with it when I saw it. It is my favorite mirror, 
I have a little french mirror collection!

{I didn't paint it. someone else did} I would of loved the original. 
Don't you think there should be a license to use white paint?


The way in we entertain in our kitchen and dining spaces has become more elegant like a living room.


A fireside area, with a large mirror is almost expected in today's homes.

A silver leaf french mirror over the sink is beautiful.

This beautiful mirror is tilted just so....

This large mirror nearly to the floor, makes the room appear larger.

"Beautiful mirrors accent a space with the beauty of their frames".

My design tip: In place of artwork,try hanging a beautiful vintage mirror. Be sure to have it hung professionally. They are heavy!

Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT blog to read this whole post! 
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Have a beautiful week end!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Buntings * garland at home

YEAH... it's Friday!
I had an email about garland that a follower saw last year at my house...
I'm not sure which one so I will show them again!

Hope you have a fun weekend planned...

This one is fun, it's white paper skeleton's.
 I have it over the mantle headboard in my youngest son's room.

on paper stars with news print and burnt silver trimmings. 
This garland is hanging on my dining room chandelier.

Grab your coffee and come here in the morning, join me for my Saturday's Designing with Vintage for Second Shout Out!

Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Olde fashion hand carved...

Mornin Happy Wednesday!

Getting a little closer, plumbing done, electrical done, drywall done. Not exactly exciting, but for me  I get so excited! 
Waiting to get all the elements and materials for my powder * Guest bath...
It is a tiny room that we made smaller from the original size... humble and sweet it will be! 
I have big plans for it!!!
My own renovations consist of vintage reclaimed materials or something I design & fabricated from scratch.
 Of course when it is a process where this applies.
Sunday I received this hand made carving sample that will be a beautiful asset to my doors.

I already have many of these doors in the completed boyz additon. I used a different workroom/cabinet shop.
So now I feel i am coaching someone to see my vision...YIKES, not easy!
 Thank goodness for iphones!

Here is a sneak peak pic of the carving...

This is a big sigh, it is coming together slowly, 
Can't rush hand made artisans!!!
 I can't wait to show you the door next.
 It is here, 
but my camera ran out of battery to take a pic!
Next time...
Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fromage blanc accoutrements

Morning Darlin's!
With the season of casual entertaining by a fire at our house,
 i love the romance of the whole experience. 
 Something as simple as Fromage blanc from Paris can be so special and appealing.

I adore everything about this 1935 photo of a Paris Fromage frais seller.
 His clothing, the salesmen case & especially the goats, looks like a scene from a movie.

A quaint shop with darling red shutters...specializing in Fromagerie. 
How fun would it be to ride a vintage bike to the village, shop here and fill our basket with bread and cheese!

These are the most gorgeous carrara marble shelves i have ever seen!
Anything would be stunning displayed on them...

Does this Fromage blanc et framboises which is almost a french yougurt look delicious?
Or perhaps, it's all abut the pretty presentation,vintage silver spoons & pretty glass!

A vintage milk bottle, petite glass & ironstone plate are perfect for serving this snack.

A vintage farm table is simple, yet the perfect piece for the beauty of the fromage and all the occutrements make an elegant presentation

all photos from this post today found on Pinterest

So I am wondering...hmmm do we love the vintage boards?
Are we romanced by the serving accouterments & how they are artfully used in the presentation?

Or do we love it all...the romance of the Fromage blanc!
Interested to hear why you love it?

My design tip: Presentation can be simple and look delicious if you use some special vintage pieces & artfully arrange the items.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

just because...

Hi Darlin's...
Just because, is a one of those moments...
 Ya know the ones, where you just want to say or do something!

 I'm just posting a quickie to say Hello & simply wanted to wish you a beautiful day!
That all...

Snipped some roses form my garden... sadly not many left, 
 I want to savor & enjoy them inside!

Love this large lantern at the moment it is in the living room on my vintage railroad cart.
 My stature & candles are under it now...

Have a beautiful day wherever you may be!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Charming Mud Rooms & new accolades for SECOND SHOUT OUT!

Mornin Darlin's....
With each season it's refreshing to prepare our homes & mudrooms with a clean slate. 
A deep cleaning, editing & some organizing is easy & instantly rewarding!
As the weather gets nippy we look forward to our autumn buntings & pulling our winter wardrobes.
Storing & displaying them in a charming little space is simple luxury.


A place to accessorize with some Vintage finds, gives the space some cozy character. 


A row of boots, wellies & jackets almost seem decorative too!

I just noticed I have a european bench just like this one on the left!


Love all white...


Simply charming!
My Design tip: A mudroom is to give you extra storage & provide a sense of organization. Sparsely kept so that it doesn't become a catch all space is essential.

New accolades!
My Love for nostalgia and vintage has been infused in my life since I was a very young girl. 
Today, it's the heart beat of my design & reflected in my lifestyle.

 When I was invited by the founders the darling "Hoover's" to be a part of the SECOND SHOUT OUT TEAM & as a Vintage LIFESTYLE CONTRIBUTOR I was honored! 
This opportunity to share my passion for vintage with others is powerful... what I love, how I design & implement vintage into my everyday lifestyle has been delightful.

Every Saturday I write a blog post for  SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG- my series "Saturday's Designing with Vintage" topics about design and living in beautiful spaces with vintage elements. Including MY DESIGN TIPS. Useful, practical suggestions that are easily adaptable.

I'm excited and proud to share the newest accolade for  SECOND SHOUT OUT -  IN MARIE CLAIRE, named- one of the best 55 SHOPS to SHOP!

Hurry & Hop over to shop my vintage collection at CASUAL LOVES ELEGANCE and read my Saturday's Designing with Vintage for SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG every Saturday! 

Enjoy your beautiful day!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Autumn decor @ home

Hi Darlin's
Hope your weekend was great! 
Last Thursday I came home to a bit of a surprise... not pleasant!
A door was left un-intentionally left open....
 our {LARGE} dogs must have thought it was an invitation to come in!!!

I opened the door & was greeted by them both inside the house! 

I knew it wasn't going to be pretty...
all dressed in black & heels I quickly said OUT! 

They exited quickly because of course they were parched from being in the house for several hours... 

 I ran up stairs changed, came down into the kitchen to find just the recycle bin scattered around the kitchen... hmm not bad, just pick it up and wash the floor...

Walking to my office checking for signs of anything broken, nothing!
 I walked into the living room and saw paper plate size mudd prints... 
Oh my goodness, they were LINCOLN'S big paws {Our Saint Bernard puppy who is 10 months and about 145 lbs}
 Interesting I didn't see small ones from Miss Chloe our Tibetan.

Seriously it could of been worse...
Lincoln could of decided to take a nap on the Restoration Hardware leather down sofa...while muddy!
 I checked, amazingly he didn't touch anything... Just took a stroll around the room and left i think!

So... after was carpet cleaned, drapery's dry cleaned, windows washed in and out leather sofa conditioned, it was the perfect time while everything was out of the room to clean it from top to bottom & get it all sparkly for the Holiday's!

Then decorated for Autumn a little afterwards...

our Dining room mantle

Our Foyer dressed with some Cinderella Pumpkins*

Don't forget to close the door!!!!
Have a beautiful week!

{I'll share some living room Autumn next time}

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Love Woodland Interiors

Hi Darlin's
My Dad was an outdoorsmen...I remember thinking the gear was cool, the fancy duck calls, a beautiful wood bow & arrow set, duck decoys etc.
 He couldn't wait to tell about his adventures when he came home. I remember one trip when he and his buddies went to Canada.  Flew in on a seaplane, after landing on the lake they hiked to a beautiful old hunting lodge.
 I wanted to know all about the lodge... How it was decorated, what kind of linens & dishes! 
He was great about taking pics of it for me! 
I have the honor of inheriting his beloved mementos, & I have fun incorporating them in our home today.

There is something about a Woodland inspired interior {I call it} that simply evokes coziness. The elements that bring together these spaces are purposeful. 
Finding just the right balance takes an artful eye. 
Patience.... is just as important, in curating those special pieces.

The dark matt walls in this space add a sophisticated backdrop for all the furnishings. 
The wonderful taxidermy sets the tone of this woodland interior.

How about this log seat or table on casters! A minimal space that is cozy with the woodland elements.

Old world & Woodland elements pair beautifully.

Love the simplicity of country elements with taxidermy.

The artistic craftsmanship that went into creating this branch ceiling is truly special. This acorn shaped chandelier looks to be handmade or an antique. Exquisite!

Yes...I have been very patient...
this summer, shopping a vintage flea market in Wisconsin, my SIL spotted this for me! 
I have been looking for a couple decades for just the right one!
 It was a quite special that she spotted it for me! 
An old mount was what I was hoping for too... 
a story that it was acquired from an estate collection from an old Hunting Lodge... 
I had chills for a moment, thinking of my dad...

Recently it arrived! Promptly found a place of honor in our living room. 
Accessorizing for fall... placing a vintage Lincoln style gentlemen's hat, a birdie, dried hydrangeas from my garden snuggling them gently into the brim.

My Design tip: To create a chic woodland space choose your elements carefully. Mixing them into your interior as an accent to create a warm and cozy space. Over doing the elements will create a cabin feel instead of a more polished curated space.

Oh Deer....LOVE

Hop on over to SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG,  read my Saturday's Designing with Vintage post today. Shop SECOND SHOUT OUT for some Woodland inspired elements! 
I spotted some cool ones!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcoming October*

Hi Darlin's!
Can you believe it is OCTOBER? 
Hope you are having a gorgeous Autumn!
We are... here in SoCal! 
{Though I really wish I could see the leaves turning in the midwest}

My favorite little white metal stool...

sitting in front of the carriage door @ our Tin Man's shed...

with some cookies & milk for my sweetie...

Thank you for my taking time to catch up on a few honey do's!

Hope you have a great week!

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