Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Season for change...

It's a Beautiful Spring Day here in So. Ca
We have been patiently waiting...

Spring is always a season of change for me and I really feel it this season..
I feel refreshed and have many new paths that I am walking down.
I love the feeling of the possibilities of Change...

Speeking of Change.. I changed the background colour of my blog!
I would love to hear your thoughts please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.

{When I very first started my blog I had a white background but felt it was too similar to others}
So I went went Dark.. We'll see!

These pics are inside my Garden House...

Thanks for visiting*

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Delicately Glazed Pitcher*

This is is my Favorite Pitcher*
It is so unusually shaped and I fell in love with the Ornate details on the handle.

I have seen pottery similar to this in alot of European magazines, so when I found this one I thought, awe... it will be so pretty in my French Farm House Kitchen... {sometime}.

Maybe I will take it oudoors for dining on my new {Vintage} French Vineyard table.. I showed you awhile ago in a post.

*Happy White Wednesday everyone*

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love my GREENS*

What a busy weekend...
We went to a charity event Benefiting physically challenged Athletes. It was White Attire Cocktail Dress.. It was very chilly... though a wonderful charity and everyone had a lovely time..

Then Saturday, in my jeans and white T stacked with blankets and coats my son's Little Leaugue games! I know how to mix it up!!! Ha Ha
The weather is supposed to warm up in time for the elementry school's TWO WEEK Spring Break!!
Ya HOO is all I'm hearing around here...
It will be the last year for TWO weeks next year off to middle school and they only get ONE poor Darlings...

I LOVE *LOVE *LOVE* my Greens... MY {EVERGREENS}. I do have a Metal URN Issue and Covet my Topiary passion with my Heirloom Roses!
I will have to take a populataion toll of my Topiary's I know I must be in the 30 ish count... Not nearly where I should be!!
It is time for some pruning and shaping... A bit tidious but afterward they look perfectly coiffed!

My Design Tip: In the Garden and Landscaping, Keep Urns for Special Shapes. Elevating them gives them a place of Honor.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My first blog link up!

My first Linking up!!
I am linking up to "At the Picket Fence" for Inspiration Friday..
I am thrilled I finally made it work, I hope I can remember how I did it!!!
The blog is written by two Sisters.. I'm excited to share in the fun..
Check it out just click on the button on my side bar and it will take you to my thumb nail and lots of creative blogs!
I hope you enjoy the blogs there!
Sharing a photo of me from my modeling archives shot in Malibu,Ca . Sorry can't remeber the magazine..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WHITE is always Fresh*

I have a chair love which I have posted on before!!
I have a collection of these WHITE European chairs.
Wouldn't you love to know how many kitchen or dining tables these have adorned over the years..
The original paint colour is hard to detect you can see from the bottom and the chips they have been blue, green and now WHITE*
I have had them for about 15 years and this is how I found them. They came from Scotland.

My Design tip:
Collect chairs that are simple for added seating. They can fit them into any decor.

Happpy *WHITE *Wednesday

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Accruements*

Haven't we have all been patiently awaiting Spring!
LOVE that it's here..
Let's hope the weather remembers to follow!!!
A chilly, rainy & windy morning for the first day of Spring here in So. Cal.
The rain has stopped for a few minutes and I hear the Birdies...
Every year I find these Jasmine topiary's.
{Wouldn't they be so beautiful growing up and over a arch}
I love the delicate pink flowers and incredible Fragrance.

Here are a few photos of some Spring Accruements in my Foyer..
A little dark not much natural light this morning!

Wishing you a Beautiful Spring Monday*

Saturday, March 19, 2011

European Umbrella*

This was a photo of my European umbrella with this beautiful wild green vine growing up on it!! This was a special find*
It was leaning against the fence behind the garden house and it was growing up all over it...
I had to cut it off to release it from the plants!!
I used it for display with my vintage train cart at my "Olivenhain Grove Sale" last May!!

Well I just saw that Booke Gianetti from Velvet and Linen just found two of them.... I thought how rare... I love love love them too!!
We could be sisters in Style!!!
She has my other eye!!
Here are the photos!
Looking forward to my garden plans...
Happy Saturday Dears*

Friday, March 18, 2011

What's in the Cuboard?

Oh This... It's my 1890's European Pine HOUSEKEEPING Cuboard.
I LOVE Antique Pine. This cabinet was one of three Large pieces I have from the 1800's.
This one is *Georgeous* measures 8 1/2 feet heigh - 11 feet wide.
I was told it was a rare find that these are hard to find now. It was used for Housekeeping linens etc I suppose!!
It has nine drawers and six cabinets!!! I have a special location for this piece ...I'll share later!!
I keep some of my Vintage Linens and small Vases in this center one.
Eiderdowns,pillows,quilts and fabrics in the other cabinets.

This is one of my favorite Linen Books too. Beautiful linens....Check it out sometime...
Inspires me to get into some Spring cleaning**
Have a wonderful evening*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

French Laundry!

Look what I found a picture of...
This is my favorite little monogramed "P" pillow. It is a Vintage European find.

Ok the Story..
Years ago I used own a store called "Buckingham Mercantile".
I had this wonderful lady who traveled to Europe and handpicked Fabulous Vintage Linens for me. Well, this was in her suitcase of treasures...
She said I thought you might want to keep this because it has your Initial on it.

I used to hand launder each piece and soak them for stains and Iron them myself before I took them for sale to the store..
Well.. One morning I was getting ready to leave and I had a basket of linens to Iron . My Baby "Cade"crawled into the Basket... I grabbed my Camera and took this pillow case out and draped it on the side. I took some pictures and I couldn't believe how cute they were!!
Soo...I thought this would be perfect to use on my Postcard I was designing for the opening of my new Store..
So here it is... I wrote this on the postcard.

...just waiting for mommie to finish the laundry so we can go to the new turn of the century "Buckingham "Mercantile". I can't wait to see you there Cade...

My Design tip: Iron linens when they are freshly laundered and still damp. Do not store until completely dry or they will rust.

Happy White Wednesday Ya'll.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I love love love this little butter knife, I have a little collection of these..
This is a find!!
When entertaining..They are so perfect to keep the appointed utensil with the dish intended!!
I have one I treasure that is a Antique silver spoon with old engraved words "Merry Christmas".

This one says *SEASIDE*
*It's resting on a vintage flower frog upon on a vintage white ironestone butter pat plate*

My Design tip: Use Vintage Flower Frogs to hold the tips of knifes,photos,cards, etc. They can be found in many shapes.
Hope your Tuesday is Fabulous!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Top THREE***

First of all "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart to all of you who sent me such touching words of Grace. I shared them with my family too.
A tough week to say the least. We are sooo missing Bentley .....

Ok...On a light note to start the weekend...

Often I am asked.. How do I give my homes Character and Charm?
Well, It's many things. It's knowing just what elements and how to achieve it.
I'll show you three photos from my home of three elements that are important.

My Design Tip: Quality is the most important. Not Quantity.
Just because it was a good buy or you collect it doesn't mean it's the right choice for your home.


These are my THREE Favorites that I use to instantly give a Home "Character and Charm"

* 1 Antique Lighting.... Cohesive with the homes Architecture/Style
* 2 Antique Garden Elements....if it is for plants use Living Plants/Flowers
* 3 Natural Stone.... Cohesive with the homes Architecture/Style

Note: #1 & #3 may add value $$$$ to your home if chosen properly.

Have a Beautiful Saturday*

{If you live in the San Diego area email me for a consultation.
It will be fun and you will see your home in a completely new light and Love it}!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ode to "Bentley"

A heavy Heart prepares and ponders this post today.
Whooo.. Where do I begin, Our Beloved St. Bernard "Sir Bentley" life was unexpectantly taken on Friday. He was Four years old. An amazing dog.. So pure and gentle with such kindness. He held such a large Nobel presence in our family that gave us such joy and love with tons of laughable moments.

Our Family is extremely saddened and we love and miss him dearly.
You know as parents how hard it is to deliver such news to your children.
I think I would rather do anything except relay sadness to my Boys.

So.... I took this opportunity and had a little talk with my youngest son... I explained to him that as his parents we want everything to bring them Joy and Love and we want to shelter them from any thing that would bring unhappiness.
Unfortunately in some circumstances that wouldn't be real or teach them about Honesty, Life, Love, Spirituality and Compassion. It is our job to express real life and be there for them and to nurture as they learn to accept and embrace all that life is....

I truly believe we learn so much from loving a animal,they become one of our family and are there every day for us.
I don't know how you feel but we feel our Children respect Honesty and we owe it to them to always present it...

A few favorite photo's with "Bentley". The one in the car was our first Christmas card with our Dogs and it was Hilarious trying to get our family in the car with them.
Both dogs were just turning ONE.

Bentley will be treasured forever and we are so Blessed to be loved by him...
He will watch over us now... I know why they are called ST. Bernard's.

Thank you for your ear...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Perfectly Quoted*

Can I confess?.... I have only had a love for ONE other married man.... RALPH LOREN!!
I fell in love with his Style, Coolness, Laid back Casual Elegance when I was sweet Sixteen!!
He is loved by many women so I hope "Ricky" is fine with it! {His Beautiful wife}.

Everything about him and the "Lifestyle" he portrayed immediately connected to me.
I could easily imagine that I was living in his Style stories...

Many times during my modeling career, I heard from stylists, ad directors, agents etc. {The direction here is RALPH LOREN}.
I would say to myself, OH, LOVE IT!! Exciting words for me to hear.
Definitely knew it was going to be a Fabulous booking!
I knew exactly what I would wear for that interview.

He is Iconic, My FAVORITE*

Written, Produced and Directed by him!!

PHOTOS from my modeling archives. Quote is RALPH LOREN. So True...
Wishing you a Casual Loves Elegance Fabulous Friday,