Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kitchen shelves get decked for Christmas

Merry Christmas Darlins,

FIVE more days
I hope your at the bottom of your list of TO DO's list!

Over here, we're ready & excited.
I plan on baking tomorrow.

When it comes to the holiday decorating I love to add some *Merry* to each space. 
Let's be real we spend a lot of time gathered in the kitchen so I feel it's a fun space to deck out...sparingly!

Memorable pieces

This silver snowman melts my heart..
I filled the bottom of his belly with cocoa & marshmallows or whipping creme in the top.
A little tradition this became... when my boys were toddlers.
 Together we sat at little table in our kitchen & had cocoa.

 Somewhere I have sweet pictures of those cherished moments!

Loving the simple decor when we come in the kitchen...

..remember when Evian did this limited edition bottle?

A beautiful week before Christmas to you....

Friday, December 16, 2016


Hello Darlins,

So excited it's raining at this moment in Southern California!
We have been in a serious draught for years here... I think this will help!

How's your holidays?

Yesterday morning my husband had us waking to Carols at 6:30 am...
He must of been still happy about the short ribs I made the night before!

I love this time of year so much!

One more small package to mail.

Here's a peak at the new powder bath floor & custom door. 
A couple things that aren't complete....
Soon they will be finished for the reveal!

I'm sooo wearing my wellies today! 

A perfect rainy day schedule... finish my wrapping
 do some business
 later this afternoon I'm meeting a friend to go to the cinema.

 Can't wait to wear a cozy sweater. sip a hot latte & study film!
Off to the post Office to stand in line!

I hope your day is a beautiful one!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Noel inspired

Hi Darlins
While the festive days are Kringling by...
You might be snuggled by a warm fire, with a hot latte 
 would enjoy a little throwback Thursday's inspiration
 from my
Pinterest board

Link below

Love to hear from you if you have a favorite!

A beautiful Holli * day to you!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tips How to Cozy for Christmas

Hi Darlins,

Aligning with our Casual Loves Elegance everyday life & style..
Christmas is a time when I love to load up on cozy * comfy elements.

I thought I would share some insight of how you can do this anywhere!

 We live in Southern California...which is lovely!

 ...but personally, between you & me...
 my heart is in a cozy lake house in the midwest!
 Tall evergreens branches weighted with snow, a crackling fire in a real mason fireplace.
 Ice skates by the door, ready for when the lake is frozen deep enough to go on.

Those are the childhood memories I experienced & cherish especially during this time of year.

So how do we create that feeling in California or anywhere?
Here's some inspiration from my living room to yours....


Candle light

Nature - Animal images - Antlers - fur faux or real

Shiny elements - Reflect light like snow or ice

Silver * Gold * Pewter

No. 2

Cozy textures

Faux or real fur - Linen- Important element to add warmth to leather
In our living room here I used faux fur pillows, Belgium linen all with down inserts including the leather sofa, it is down.  

Sparkle - Glittery beads, crystal, rhinestones
Pillow in front has a hand beaded snowflake.

No. 3
 Time is precious & so is a one of a kind element made by you, your children or someone you love.
I made these "A Winter Wish" little banners.
 Fun, creative & cost... a little love & time!

Always fresh - bringing a scent to the air & reminding us that beauty surrounds us.
These are heirloom roses from my garden.

Most of all Christmas is in our hearts
 how we feel
 what we believe is in the spirit.
There isn't anything serious about decorating, be inspired by your dreams.
 Use what you have, what you love, most of all what makes you feel warm & cozy!

A beautiful winter day to you!

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas mantle - my DIY candle stands

Hello Darlins,


This time of year is so beautiful isn't it?
 I LOVE the decor, nature & pet photos that are being shared...
 A visual reminder how the spirit Christmas is everywhere.

This year our greens were placed on mantles, headboards, balconies etc.
I had full intention to add twinkle lights to everything,
 but instead this year ...

I want simple...
Loving the dark green natural look, without lights. 
They are so pretty I want to enjoy them simply for what they are... evergreens.

Here's the dining room fireplace mantle this Christmas.

Nothing is perfect... yet I don't think about perfect for anything. 
It's pretty enough!
 Everything is vintage.
 The Louis Philipe mirror is a treasure find & is turn of the century.

Nothing matches...I use what I love & that has purpose.

The warm simple glow of candles will offer soft & cozy light for dining.

These two white wood candle pedestals are tops of fence columns.
 a friend gave me some fence posts years ago,
 he said... I knew you would want these! 
He was right...
 I loved repurposing them for large candles, I use them indoor & outdoor all year.

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A beautiful cozy week & sending you wishes for all that's magical for you!