Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Fabulous Mess*

Yeah I'm in it... A dusty, splintery, loud but Fabulous mess!!!
Anyone who knows me will giggle because they know I love love love Design & Construction.
They both mingle together perfectly... This is the "Butler's Pantry" under construction.

Exciting to see this underway. Will keep you updated.. I think it's Fabulous already!!!!
Have a beautiful Day.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage Birthday Sun Suits***

Today was my Mother's Birthday... Her name was Beatrice, her friends called her Beats!
I have been thinking about her and how she loved her Birthday.
She used to get so excited and it was fun to surprise her. When I was old enough I started making home made box cakes for her and my brothers would usually have me short on the frosting! {They were dipping in for tastes!!!} My Mother loved Chocolate just as I do!

She loved Dressing up and going out to Dinner and she and My Dad loved to Dance. They were Beautiful together on the Dance floor. I adored her, She had the most special spirit and was the kindest, most loving women I ever met. I miss her Daily.

I found one of my favorite photos of my MOM . I also found this one of me in my Modeling archives in a vintage suit too. We were both in our twenties!!!
My mom loved Summer, she had so much fun growing up on the Lake!!

January is a big month for Birthdays'
My son's New Years day, My Husbands was yesterday!
Also lots of friends who are celebrating in January.
I wish everyone a *Happy January Birthday*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Maiden Lunch*

How are ya!!! Well I hope....
My goodness I've missed posting...

I love to host Special Gatherings... I enjoy all the prep and of course all the details!!

{The photos I'm sharing are from my first home at the beach, I had the best time designing it and seeing my vision come to life... I learned so much and I still love everything today, the built in Hutch and even the Farm Table were my designs... I wanted to be a part of every single detail. I have shown pics of this home in older posts, you can go back if you like...}

I used to have a Fabulous dining room at my beach house! Perfect for hosting small intimate parties... Right before, the January we moved, I hosted my last gathering "A Snow Maiden Lunch" for some of my girlies!! It was so Fun & Beautiful and I Loved spoiling my friends!! Here is a photo of my table and my kitchen. I can't wait to have a place like that here!! I'm planning!!!!

My Design tip:When you are building a house or renovating think of what you will be doing in those spaces..Don't get caught up in trends or these large spaces that are cold and useless....Think about how you live,not the magazines!!!

Happy White Wednesday*

If you need help with design, just email me and we''ll make it happen!

Friday, January 14, 2011

a little flashback*

Years ago my youngest son use to be amongst the entourage going to my oldest baseball,flag-football etc.
He was a great sport about it, as you know if your a parent with kids that play sports it' is every weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well... my youngest son used to bring a huge Nike bag filled with different sports gear and would change into them and be out on the field playing!
I captured a few shots of him here. He was four!!! {now he's 12...}
The tryouts for little league are going on and my husband has been coaching since my oldest was in t-ball and he's 20!!! I guess that is why I had this little flashback.....

Have a fun weekend and enjoy the many activities that your family is involved in, because it's great...& it goes by quickly but the memories are forever!

Have a beautiful weekend and hug the kids for me!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Case No.1*

Happy White Wednesday*
I'm sure we all share this in common.....The question. What remote goes with what T.V.???????
Are you with me?

Well if you have separate remotes for different uses they are confusing, at least to me!!!
Needless to say they all look the same!!! Also I prefer them to be out of sight,they just don't work for me as a accessory!!!
I thought I would share these photo's, this is where I keep my main controls for the No.1 T.V.
It's a old wooden box and they fit perfectly inside*

My Design tip* Organize daily objects and put them into something thats functional. The solution can become a fabulous accessory too.
Have fun*

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Vintage Coal Bucket*

I'm Loving this Vintage Coal Bucket!
I found it had such beautiful detail... the oval shape of the lid and the almost delicate handle. Can you believe that it would be used for dirty coal!!
I washed it up and am using to keep pinecones in near the fireplace.
We have some pine trees that drop pinecones and their so perfect for fire starters.
It has been chilly here and we have cosy fires everyday!!!
Hope your week is going well, I have been so busy working on some fun things I'll share later...
My Design tip* Use unique finds for storing everyday items that you will enjoy looking at.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Ice*

I Hope everyone is getting back on track or perhaps venturing down a new path this year!
I know that Winter is a long Season in a lot of places...Though there is a lot of great activities in Winter. Growing up on the lake was the Best!!!

I came across these treasured photo's of My Grandfather {with his skates on} & My Mom and Dad. They were standing on the frozen Ice of "Sand Lake". Two photos showing snow and the other just COLD*** The Big White house was my Grandparents,{the little White one was their Boat house that hung over the water} They had the most Fabulous Lake House!!! I have so many wonderful Memories there. Most of all remembering my family....

I lived about 3 miles from there on another Lake called "Crooked Lake"
Each Christmas, one of my favorite Christmas gifts was a new pair of Ice Skates...
Being the only girl... mine were always the little White Pair with Pom Pom Laces!!!
I loved to skate after school with my friends!
I adore the Fashion in these photos!!!!

Well Here's to a Wonderful Winter Weekend*
Stay Cozy****

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Birthday*

***Happy New Year to You***
Wow, 2011
I Wish You a Fabulous Year.... filled with Love, Happiness, Best of Health and Peace for all..

We just got back tonight from three days of celebrating my son's birthday in the Desert!!
It was his birthday wish to all go there so he could ride his motocross Bike. We rode quads!! He was the happiest guy!! Loving every minute of it and we even took our dogs...
It was fun I must say, beautiful evenings with stars in the sky sitting around the campfire.
I am a little on overload being the only female on these trips!!!

EXTRA Special is ... January 1st for our Family....
My youngest son's Birthday!!!
I have always called him "King Cade". He was born on New Years Day and I remember every detail down to the Nurses and Doctors wearing there New Year's Eve Crowns and Tiara's!!!
So this is for him.....

A fresh Year can't wait to get started!!!
xoxo, Me