Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autumn Cornucopia*

How is your week?
Saw the cutest movie... Put it on your list! How does she do it? It brought back memories of when I had my business! You really take on a lot and wear so many hats, there is no "ME" time at all....
I like to decorate for autumn before I get in to Halloween, It seems these days we rush right into it.. I like to enjoy each season!
Here in So. Ca until the weather gets a little crisp its hard to know the difference between summer and autumn. This year we are having cooler days with a lot of fog, so it feels like autumn.

Here is a photo of my front door from last autumn. All of the flowers and twigs came from around the house. I haven't decorated my door yet, I will wait till I get back from my midwest trip, I will get inspired there, The doors will be adorned everywhere! I will be taking my camera!

Happy White Wednesday*

Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Autumn*

Happy First day of Autumn*
It sure feels like it with the cool layer of fog that has rolled in here in So. Ca.

I love Autumn..
I am planning a trip to the midwest, Illinois and Wisconsin. The foliage will be turning and I'll get to wear boots and cozy sweaters and pea coats and all my favorite fall plaids! I'm super excited a special young women is waiting for my visit.... my dearest niece Phoebe... I can't wait! I haven't been in a couple years so I am soo excited to be planning this trip, it means a lot to me! I have a lot of juggling to do with my schedule and my own family, but I never worry it always works out!

So let's get out our plaids,flannels and get cozy, light a fire and make a hot apple pie! The drink!

Hope your Autumn will be beautiful*

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gate Fabrication is spot on!

Hope your having a fantastic week! It sure is flying by... I have been soooo busy.
I love to see progress in all stages, Here is what we saw on our gates today.
Our final approval.. I was thrilled, they got it! I think they are going to be Beautiful*** I love them raw but not sensible... Next week will be the trial fit to get everything screwed and notched before the galvanizing process. I can't wait to try them on!!

We had our first autumn fire last night, I love the crisp evenings.

Oh guess what, there was a rattle snake near the pool last night! Un... believable, I had just walked in the area then my husband and when my youngest walked by he started yelling "What's that sound, sure enough it was a rattler!
Well, that's country living for you!

Good night dears*

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Frame of the Gate*

I hope your weekend is going to be great! I am in Frame Love right now...

We have been using a temporary construction gate on our driveway entrance since we fenced the property a few years ago.
It hasn't been fun to have to get out of the car and manually unlock and open and close the gates every time you pass through coming and going several times a day!!

We have been dreaming about our gates for years. {Well I have}

Finally we have designed them and they are in process. Here is a picture of the frame so far. It is a mock up and we are loving it.

I have been emailing France for weeks and everywhere for the findings for it.
What a process! It is a lot of work, I guess I could just buy one from a catalog or let the gate people design it but I can't do that!
This is my one chance to design it and get it right!
I'm looking forward to seeing our design become gates.
I get Sooo excited about these things!

My design tip: Educate yourself on the process and make sure your choice complements the architectural style. Don't buy something just because it was a good deal.

Have a beautiful day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

On bended knee...

Today as we all remember where we were... I remember just staring at the TV and trying to digest every word. My youngest son was two and still sleeping my oldest son was eleven. I was do I explain to them the reality of what is happening without scaring them. It was tough, we just prayed for the families and stayed silent. I didn't have any answers to offer them.

Today as we were driving home from Yuma, Az I saw flags everywhere.. There was a farmer who had them on all the irrigation posts .. Seemed like a mile. As we approached the stadium area where the Chargers were staring their home opener we were listening to the radio announcements and saw the planes fly over us on the freeway as they left the stadium.
They said 67,000 people in the stands were given flags and were all waving them. How beautiful.

I think we all were on bended knee today in remembrance and respect.
We will never forget.

God Bless America*

Friday, September 9, 2011

Who turned off the lights?

Last night I tried to write this post but my 3-g was out of charge and I couldn't post it!
San Diego and all of so cal including the Oc were out of power, all the way to some areas of Phoenix.

I was sitting in the dark with candles upstairs with the french doors open, hoping for a breeze!
The air was sooo still.
I could see the whole city of Encinitas down to La Jolla and it was dark and eerie.

We made it through fine, it was so romantic with the candles everywhere! Our house smelled so good from the scented candles! My son in AZ was also out of power at college. I was worried about the heat there for him. It was good to hear his voice on the phone, he said he was fine and that Yuma was lit up like 4th of July with all the generators.

Have a great day and thankful for the electric.
Kids are happy they got the day off from school!