Saturday, March 31, 2012

Vintage Eyelet*

Saturday morning Darlins,

Everywhere I look I see a favorite fabric of mine... EYELET!

Eyelet is Sooo timeless and ageless.
I have always had eyelet pieces in my wardrobe. I have a lot of vintage eyelet and I might have to will it!!

When I was designing my children's line I used vintage eyelet for couple collections. I had to find a lot of it to cut. Only using a little bit added that special little touch!

Eyelet is feminine without being cutsie.

I love that eyelet always current..

My design tip: Don't buy the cheapie version of eyelet that is polyester..
100% Cotton is the fabric I'm talking about!

Have a beautiful weekend, I'm off to the beach to hold a open house at a luxury condo!
Editorial pics.. I loved when they handed me the eyelet to put on!! From my modeling archives...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Do you have one?

I saw this on FB this morning and I LOVE *LOVE *LOVE it ...
I wanted to share it with ya'll

Isn't this the unspoken wish for us all?
If it isn't there.... then we must search to find it with in....

Have a beautiful Tuesday....

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A day for relaxing...

Evening Darlins...
I know I haven't posted this week very much, sorry have been soooo busy..
Today I held two open houses at the beach at the same time... I was back and forth with two homes side by side on the beach.. It was a bit chilly with the wind but the ocean was so beautiful!

When I came home the wind was getting fierce and you could feel the rain was coming...

Here is a picture of our dog Miss Chloe, nothing seems to bother her, wind and rain .... She is a sweet dog and she relaxes well!! I hope your relaxing by a cozy fire... that's where I'm heading with a cup of tea!
Nite all,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome First Day of *Spring*

Welcome...First day of SPRING*
Something about the first of anything is inspiring to me... Always starting off right & enjoy the beginning. Thoughts of new, renew, begin, fresh, adventure etc. always are present.
What about you? I would love your comments on how you think about Spring!

Yikes... I have some fun things I am excited to be working on.. I'll keep you in the loop***
I feel as if I'm in school of Life class now.... I can't sleep, I am sooo busy. Love being focused with a purpose... It is what I value most with my time.

Here is a picture looking out of the window of my white vintage garden house..
Welcoming Spring 2012

Enjoy a beautiful day Darlins...

Friday, March 16, 2012


Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you Irish Darlins*

Reminiscing from when I was young with my friends.. we associated St. Pats with tiny magical leprechauns, trying to find four leaf clovers in the lawn and if you did you considered it *Lucky*.
Oh yes..wearing green to school so we didn't get pinched!
When I was growing up at my house we were celebrating a special birthday... It was one of my brother's. He was born on St. Pats and my parents named him Dennis Patrick.. He was always so excited for his birthday. My mom usually baked his birthday cakes and frosted them with green icing. We had decorations with clovers and lots of green! One day I put the two together as to why we always had green frosting on his cake! When I was young I used to think everyone was celebrating him!
Denny was my most favorite person in the world...He molded my heart... I adored him! Today I am remembering him and sending a Happy St. Pats Birthday wish to the Heavens***

I hope you have fun today... it's raining here in Socal!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Playing in the Dirt*

Hey Darlins,
A friend invited me come to a Seed Starting workshop on Saturday. It sounded soo cute so of course catching up with a friend and learning about gardening is perfect...
I had no idea what to expect! It was at Southwest Boulder and Stone in SD.
Our lovely teacher was Nan Sterman. She is almost a neighbor turns out! Our kids went to the same schools etc. Any hoo, she also heads up the annual Encinitas Garden Festival & Tour.{ A local event that you want to get tickets now for and attend}. Nan really knows her dirt and how to make beautiful gardens!
Nan talked about everything form buying quality seeds, how to understand the directions on the packet, soil, how to start the seeds in the right containers and why all the details are important to have success starting your plants. It was so interesting! She provided us with all the things we needed to plant some vegetables seeds. Now I have to just watch them grow and then put them in my big garden beds outside.
It was a lovely workshop and I'm so happy my friend Kathleen invited me to join her. I would really recommend Nan Sterman's workshop, you'll get an understanding about organic growing and caring for your garden.

Nan Sterman's website link here:
*** April 21st 2012 10-4:30 ENCINITAS GARDEN FESTIVAL & TOUR
Tickets are on sale now here or at the local nursery's

Please save the date. Put on your pretty garden hat...It is a beautiful afternoon and you'll be so inspired to play in the dirt!
Happy Spring*

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Springing Forward*

Hope you lovelies had a beautiful day... I was soo busy... Fill you in later... I was just reminded about the time change... I love to Spring forward! Something about the change of time feels like it changes our whole routine.
I know we spend so much more time outdoors and it gives us that extra daylight to get all our outdoor chores done... Hmmm..don't think done is the word! We are never done with anything.. Always can be a little more fab or a few more details.

Have a beautiful Sunday*

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Squeezing Sunshine*

Good Mornin Darlins*
I hope your Wednesday will be fabulous!
My family LOVE LOVE LOVEs their fresh squeezed liquid sunshine, we call it!

Our grove which I mentioned before.. has a few orange trees, clementines and other fruits. We also have our new grove of over 120 lemon trees...
We just had our 4th pick! I get so excited to know someone will be slicing one of our lemons for their sweet tee!

Oh... by the way are in bloom, when you approach our gates the fragrance is in intoxicating... I would love to do a scented post!!!! {hmm....will get my techie mind wrapped around it and will invent it soon} Yeah Heehee!

Any whoo... FYI this is what I figured our this morning...
It takes 12 medium oranges to equal a 16 oz glass... I usually juice about 24 to 30 oranges a day for my family! We have a fabulous industrial sort of juicer we have had for-ev-er!

Cheers to your morning....let this fill you with California fresh squeezed liquid Sunshine and a HUG!!

Don't you want to wear this colour for summer !!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring cleaning the nest*

March the 1st... It is the beginning of Spring so it seems..
Darlins how about you... I look forward to all the seasons... Spring brings a certain freshness and it makes me want to clean and detail everything! {which is hard to do when your house in the middle of renovating.}..Never the less I have been cleaning my nest and put out a few accouterments that remind me of our family nest.
What do you do in March?
We have several engagements penciled already this season... several weddings, babies too. We are attending the first wedding tomorrow, I always love these special events and seeing what they put together and of course what the bride will be in!!

The photos are of my little nest.. I think of *Home* when I see this****

Have a beautiful Friday everyone...