Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lacy blooms & delicate pattern

Hi Darlins....
Everyday life is so much prettier with blooms...
Especially large puffy white gorgeous hydrangea blooms!
These are in my foyer, 
I love seeing my antique urn filled with them from every angle in the house!

I do love the white ones.... mixed with pockets of maiden hair!

I find that I am drawn to things because they are familiar...

These pretty silvery metallic storage boxes aren't vintage but they are about 20 years old. 
I have these storage boxes stacked under my table. 
I love the pattern...

See a similar pattern in this vintage white worn frame?

Also on this lamp shade... a silvery, Lacey damask...
I found all of these items separately but have that similar pattern!
When I look around I see this quite often in my home!

Do you do have a favorite pattern that you are drawn to?
Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Indoor Fortes

Happy Saturday Darlins..

I remember as a child making fortes don't you? 
A space that made you feel like you were somewhere else...

Being able to create a space inside the house was fun,
 it took a little design skill so that it would stay up too!

This forte is more my style these days...

I loved this movie, here is a favorite scene from "The Holiday". 
The adults lay with the girls in the forte, together chatting and giggling looking up to the twinkle lights and the stars.

Love this one in a loft space, it looks so cozy!
Whats wrong with a permanent forte!!!!

These are precious...just like the moments that are spent making them.
 Don't wait for a rainy day to make a inside forte, any day will be perfect! 
Just be sure to take lots of photos!

My Design tip: Take out some of your vintage linens,use pretty vintage sheets layered with some lace tablecloths on top. Old vintage blankets and quilts are a must to snuggle with. Battery operated candles and some twinkle lights between the sheets would be perfect.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend and take some time for some old fashion FUN!!!!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hand picked Pretty Curves

Happy Wednesday Darlins...
Got filthy and loved it...
Thinking after I started laying them out, of homes these came from and the stories, perhaps the christmas mornings where children peaked through them coming down the stairs!!!

Excited to share some pretty curves I found!
 Piece by piece I selected these vintage salvaged stairs spindles...
I must say my hands needed heavy duty cleaner after handling hundreds of spindles.
 Can you believe they were just tossed into bins, not bundled according to style, color or anything!

These vintage spindles will be in my new staircase railing and maybe the Juliet balcony!
 {If I have enough} 
It depends when we start laying it out, we will only use the strongest and best pieces...

I already had them laid out in the design I like.
 These are all from different old staircases!
LOVE the one with the three round balls. Only found one like that!
I know it is silly.... but I just get so excited about the details!!!

There is so much to still do before we get to the railings. 
I still have to find the rails... 
I hoping to find vintage. 
Then have a custom curved rail piece milled to match what I find....

Lots of steps are still involved... 
The wall panels have to milled yet.
{LOVE the radius wall we made}
Remove the drywall up the stairwell.
Replace a window at the top of the stairs.
Remove all the drywall up the stairwell and the lid.
Any how you can see...
There is  about 20 things that have to happen for every one!

Hope your day is pretty!
Oops... forgot to mention, strip and sand each piece before painting!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Timeless florals

Seeing florals from the runway to gardens is so fresh and pretty!
Wall paper is a design element that adds texture, depth and instant character to a space. I think seeing these pretty prints might inspire some floral infusion into our home interiors!

This room is timeless and stunning! 
The drapery is beautiful too... Speaks french to me!

Blanketing the room in floral is charming.
I can see this in a attic room or a room filled with angels. 
It has such a cozy feel doesn't it?


I love how this little vintage dresser cozies up in front of the floral wall.

This space has fabulous details... 
Notice how the barrel ceiling has the paper all the way up, to me it looks like flower petals!
Love the doors, shutters, tiled floors.....
 everything looks to be vintage. 
I think the wall paper is too, don't you?


A little blue and white inspiration... seems I picked all pinkish tones!
This chair, drapery and wall paper are coordinated and really becomes a pulled together room.
This same pattern would be pretty in a black and white!!!
Would you change anything?
Hmm, the fringed bottom of the chair isn't for me....
I would like to see the pretty legs of the chair instead....

Short summary!!!
Have you ever found one of these in your vintage treasure shopping?
Do you know what it was used for?
It is a wood block printing stamp.
Block printing was a standard method of producing wall paper until the 20th century.
It is still used in small artisanal settings for cloth design.
I have a couple of these I found years ago when I was doing my clothing collection, 
Yes...I actually tried it on fabric, it was pretty difficult to get a perfect stamp multiple times!

My design tip: Wall paper is a personal preference, it is a commitment. 
Try it in small doses like lining a back interior of a cabinet or a interior of a closet for starters!
FYI there is removable wallpaper for rental properties! 

Have a beautiful weekend! Keep your eye out for a roll of vintage wall paper!

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 Mother's day is right around the corner!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First rose blooms

Each year when I cut back my garden and roses for winter, 
I always wonder...
Will it be as beautiful next spring?

Yes* I have my first blooms...

I had to cut these two...both different heirloom variety. Left has a peachy-pink center and right a blush pink center!
 The smell of just two roses filled my dining room!

We went to Santa Barbara last week for a couple days, rode up on the train, it was spring break!
Found the cutest little antique store...
 I found a lot of treasures but only came home with this...

My 1st vintage Ironstone tureen!

I have seen them over the years, but this is the one that I fell in love with!
As I look at the crazing I don't think the tureen and the lid are the original pair.
 I could be mistaken but the lid sure looks a lot older than the bottom.
 Maybe that's how they age..... but I still love it's petite oval shape and the little knob on the top is darling!

I hope your have a beautiful Wednesday filled with 1st's!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Interior Nests!

Spring is here!
I LOVE having garden elements in my home all year long...
Recently, I was having lunch at a darling cafe near me and looked up to see this!

Custom iron pendant, a beautiful piece inspired by a birds nest.
Sooo pretty with the open beam ceiling.... lovely soft light coming from within the nest.


How about this tree four poster bed with the nest sitting on top like a crown! 
I love this... Oh if I had a Lake house!!!


This vintage birdhouse and ornate mount is stunning!
 Would be an amazing light fixture or filled with candles...
I would have to have this as well, wouldn't you?

This vintage hand painted Vermont sap bucket is so sweet...
 Can be filled with fresh flowers or fluffy bath towels!
This is for sale at my store!

MY DESIGN TIP: During the winter, bring your garden elements indoors and enjoy them as part of your decor. Don't just pack them away in the garage!

Have a beautiful day, hope your inspired to bring the vintage garden in!

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vintage {Post} boxes

Is it a family trait to keep old letters and pretty cards? 
I certainly have the gene! 
I have a lets say, generous amounts of pretty cards and letters from my family.
 My Mother, Grandmothers and Aunties used to write all the time.
Both sides of my family, 
My Mom's family and my Dad's were very close.
 Though they were in-laws, they had beautiful friendships that they shared...
I loved reading some of the old handwritten letters and cards and seeing their pretty penmanship... 
My Grandma McCleod in particular, wrote in cursive, so perfect but really small....
Hearing of their travels and stories are so dear to me.

I love vintage mail boxes... I am completely smitten with my find! 
This vintage GLASS mailbox.

The markings are hard to see but they say Chicago postal!
It is gorgeous!
I can't believe such a beautiful container to hold the mail!!!
Thinking of all the hand written letters that must of been delivered to this box is soooo romantic!
Anticipating coming home and receiving a love letter....
A little history:
Mail {POST} boxes became a necessity in 1863, when citizens began enjoying free City Delivery. Letter carriers hand-delivered mail directly to their doorstop...
 1923 residential mailboxes became mandatory for each household to receive their letters.

How about this french wall mounted box!

This cast iron box looks like it may of been in front of a beautiful manor house or castle!
LOVE the crown!

My Design Tip: Even if you don't get mail at home, having a beautiful vintage mailbox at your door suggests a bit of nostalgia and romance to all who pass by!

Have a gorgeous weekend...
Hope this will inspire you to take a moment and send a handwritten letter to someone you love!

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Sweet Friday!

I hope you woke this morning to something pretty & something sweet....
Here a little something from me to you....
 Ready for the weekend?

 LOVE the colour of these hydrangeas...
compliments this fresh baked blueberry scone!
I 'm just looking... not eating it, saving it for my honey!
Have a pretty Friday filled with sweetness!

Monday, April 1, 2013

NEWS to share! My interview,photos on the Nest today!

Hi Darlins,
Hope your having a lovely day... No April fools here,
Just heard the interview I was asked to do and photos of my house are on click> the nest.com
along with Founders and CEO Susan and Quinton Hoover 
of SECOND SHOUT OUT vintage marketplace.

It was fun to read our interviews "How we live"... and see our homes!

Thank you very much!!! 
SECOND SHOUT OUT, Susan and Quinton