Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Patch memory...

***Happy Halloween***

The big day is here for all the cutie pies!
I hope everyone will have a memorable day and enjoy those little trick or treaters in their costumes!
 I remember when we lived at the beach I used to struggle with going out with the kids or stay at home to greet all the cutie pies coming to the door.
The moms had a glass of wine and would come in to visit and enjoy my decorations.
 I miss that a bit since at our country house we don't see any one.... 
The kids are smart and they go to the neighborhoods with the houses close together. More efficient!
{They probably calculated the time and amount on their iphones or ipads}...

A favorite picture I took of my youngest King "C" when he was 2 1/2.
We were at the pumpkin patch!

This is sweet... I remember he used to put his hands together a lot by his chin.... Awe...I forgot about that, I will have to look for some other photos of him doing that!
Funny how after all these years I just noticed this! 
He wore his Daniel Boone hat alot!!!!!!
Be safe...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Morning Moon*

Morning... this is about 6am

The moon was so bright when I woke up.... 

I looked out the window and walked outside
Miss Chloe our dog sashayed over and sat at my feet a minute...
 I walked over to check out the new vintage birdhouse to see if the wind had blown it over,
 and this is what I saw...

I looked right through  this little opening..
 and the moon was centered right in the middle.
 How perfect I couldn't believe the view... I went in to grab my camera...

How amazing... I could never of planned that!!!

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere concern for all who are experiencing this storm.
 Prayers and thoughts to all who are on opposite coasts.

I wish you strength and courage.
Keep together and the sun will shine upon you once again.

Everywhere around you, we are gathering and sending supplies just stay calm... 
Please know that there is a whole country that loves you and we will gather together as one...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Windows, more than a view

Morning Darlins...
Have you ever taken a drive in your favorite town or even around your neighborhood when your looking for inspiration for a project your planning?
 Sometimes we are drawn to a beautiful home and we aren't sure why it jumps out at us.
If you think back it was the windows and doors that caught your eye... 
One of the most important architectural features of a home is it's windows. They provide us with light to the interior, ventilation and they give warmth to a home while adding a look, character and defined style.
They are the in the top three or four of all design decisions you make when building and designing a home. The window style is crucial. That one single decision can make or break a house. 
 It can take it to plain and just nice house to Fabulous house...the ones that you will remember.

Small windows show us architectural style... This one is my boys wing.

A white vintage carriage door invites us in. This one is on our Tin man's shed.

This one is all vintage and fabulous.. I found this on Pinterest sorry source unknown.
Vintage windows and doors can bbe found at salvage places 

Windows and doors give personality and style they are beautiful....

Click over to Second Shout Out blog for the rest of the post on my 
Saturday's Designing with Vintage Series...

Have a Beautiful Saturday 
When your driving around or walking through the city take in all the beautiful windows and doors!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wall sketching

Driving my son to school this morning  thinking, it is gorgeous outside ....with just a hint of crispness in the air.
We lit our first fire in the dining room fireplace on Sunday night! Also a little light rain!
We are so excited it is cool enough for that.
 I  know you probably think doesn't take much for that Girl to get excited!!
If so you're spot on... It is those simply delightful and cozy things that I love so much!!!

Over this weekend in the early morning and in the evenings I spent organizing and cleaning...

I am a visual designer I have sketches pinned to my walls, fabric samples, paint colors and to do notes everywhere...

See this wall...It divides my living room and it will need to open up to a new entry hall and library. 
It's coming down in the future!

My quick sketch...this is my new designed wall. 
 Really, I could spend hours drawing it and would look the same!!

It will be a supporting wall with function useful from both sides.

This is a area that will get done supports the upstairs MB and bath.
I can't wait to get to it!

Vintage Ironstone platters, brown &white transfer ware and hotel ware...
I have many and love to use them everywhere!

A Little White Wednesday Collage...
Hope you Sketch a beautiful day!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Styling Niches...

A lovely morning... A little mist in the air here in SoCal. 
Heading out to the garden a bit later.

 I have been cleaning like no other.. 
Renovating and living in the house at the same time is a challenge I must say!
Dust is everywhere!
Oh well! LOVE my renovation!

Sounds so french!
 Do you know what they are?
They are a ornamental recess in the wall.
 They are so beautiful... if done correctly.

This niche is in our home. I designed this in the foyer leading to the boyz master suites.

 Lighting is key so you have to either understand lighting or hire someone with experience.
 A electrician{knows how to wire it}
 A lighting professional will get it right!

Same niche, styled with large aluminum letters for my BOYZ....with a vintage Football helmet.
I usually have it styled like this..

Occasionally I restyle for the season.
 This is what I have in the niche at the moment. A large lantern filled with some flowers from the garden in a paper cone, and other favorite vintage accourtements!

What ever elements you put in the niches, gets the spotlight!!

Niches aren't just for displaying... they can be for little cozy corners too!
Like this one found on Pinterest. Sorry don't have original source.

Cozy on up on up in here!!!! Love that space...

 Read the rest of this "Saturday's Designing with vintage" for Second Shout Out
Hope you visit my store and do a little shopping while your there and visit the other stores. 
Fabulous vintage you will be so inspired!

Seriously..if have any questions on Niches drop me a email and I would love to help.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Apple a day .... simply delicious

Happy Friday... 
Autumn is apple season in our local mountains...
Julian, California has apple picking, apple cider, carmel apples and it's famous for it's Apple Pies!
So fun to go and spend the day there.

We eat a lot of apples how about you?

This is our apple tree and it is in bloom ...
I love the blooms on the branches I wish I had the nerve to cut a bunch and bring them in the house and fill my vases! I don't... I can't cut them they are too special!!!

It is always a challenge to keep the birds away from them so they can grow big and juicy!
I don't know the variety of these. 
This tree was here on our property.

Oh my gosh ... see the two in the back? 
These are only available in the grocery once a year. 
Super yummy...they are giant Honey crisps...
See how big they are next to just the normal honey crisp!
My Favorite apple.

Pretty roses and salvia from my garden
  making the kitchen smell lovely while we cut the apple in lots of pieces to share...
Have a pretty delicious friday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday pretty

Hi Darlins... 
Hope your having a beautiful fall week.
Over the weekend we took the train up  up the coast and watched the sunset along the way.
It was fun!
 Four hour ride and the train was super crowded.
 A novelty for us so we didn't mind.
Had me day dreaming... about what it might of been like to travel by train when my parents and grandparents were young!

The suitcases were beautifully made for travel like these!
Here is a few I have collected. It all started with the one in the middle from my MIL years ago.

We spent the weekend in SantaBarbara and Montecito. Drove to Ojah, had breakfast at the "Kitchen" in Ventura which was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Went to dinner at Stella Maries .
Took private walking tour of the new Beautiful shopping Mall in the beautiful development of 
River park  called "THE COLLECTION". 
It is due to open at then end of the month. 
Wow what a georgeous mall. A open air park, amazing cinema, fabulous restaurants and great stores that will be filling it up.

We had a lovely weekend up the coast!

With the warm weather still here my roses are still blooming..
These are for you!
Have a beautiful White wednesday 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween favorite

Where has this week gone! 
Thursday already... I have been soooo busy with the daily Real Estate and my son with school and house projects.....
Have you been busy lately? What do you have going on?
 Loved to hear why the week just flies for you too!

I thought I would share one of my favorite little Halloween decorations that I bought years ago at a beautiful garden store in Newport Beach... Rogers Gardens.

Another fav is my favorite old vintage black frame that I used to make this WITCH picture!

My GOOD witch hat!
Have a lovely Thursday Darlins....

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Everyday living with vintage linens

Linens were apart of a young girls dowry when we reflect back in time...
Items she brought into a marriage. 
Monogramming linens were usually a sign of affluence in families.
Neither of which I grew up with!!!
Specific cabinetry pieces were made to hold the family house linens... I love that!

When I started collecting pieces for our country house I found some fabulous imported european pine pieces that were from the 1800's.
When I found this piece I was smitten...
 It is a 1800's Housekeeping cuboard
This is where I keep our family linens!

The beauty of it is I have plenty of space to organize my linens. I have so many linens... Most are still packed because we are renovating.

Future pantry light!

*LOVE* Vintage ticking... 
I have several upholstery projects waiting for this. 
I tag and write the yardage so I know at a glance with out unfolding!

Vintage Belgium linens all whites!

This was a vintage chenille slipcover  I LOVED it, turned out beautiful...
It was on the down sofa in the master bedroom at our old beach house... 
The curtains are vintage too...monogrammed Belgium linen sheets

*R* is for Romance...

Is for baby Peterson years ago...
 I used this photo of my baby for announcing my new opening of Buckingham Mercantile...

Vintage linens are for everyday... use them and enjoy a some lux.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Hope over and visit my post today Saturday' Designing with vintage at Second Shout Out
Do some vintage linen shopping!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Auburn Autumn!

Happy Friday Darlins...
On my way home I drive on windy roads and along the road is a horse trail. 
There is always someone riding... I love seeing them, it is so lovely and makes me smile... 
The other day, I saw a young girl on a a beautiful reddish horse and her mom was walking with her. The young girl probably 10 ish, had pretty long hair that matched the horse!

I started to reminisce on a campaign I did. 
I looked back in my modeling archives and found some pics of my 
 Killian's Irish Red campaign for Coor's.
Interesting story behind the scene at the agency....
The advertising agency first cast was for true red head models. 
They choose a model and did the campaign shoot.
 The client (Coor's) wasn't happy and began the search again.
My agency had a request from them to see me... (I'm blonde).
 I go on the casting, they call and want to book me for the campaign!
Then, the big question came.... would I dye my hair? 
At first they (my agency) said no, 
then the ad agency explained it could be a temporary color and it would wash out. 
Sooooo long story short we agreed after a week of negating.$$$ 
I would have to be compensated on top of the campaign for loss of bookings for my unblonde time.  Loved my agent.... she was brilliant!!!!

SO here is where it gets giggly!!!
 First, I had never died my hair so it was very porous...
 I had other bookings scheduled so I didn't have time to go to a hair color specialist.
  I was out of time and had to do it myself!!!!!
SOoooo via telephone... they tell me what to buy and how to do it.
 Seemed simple enough....
It was late afternoon, carefully and nervously followed the instructions to a T.
 After I finished towel drying I took the towel off and looked in the mirror....
I couldn't believe the color!!!
Darlins it was
Lucille Ball color of red!!!!
They sent a photo of the horse, my hair shade had to match. 
This was too red!!!
Oh my gosh I was in a panic.
 I called the hair stylist and she said oh my I forgot you have virgin hair...
Long story short....
I called my hairdresser and she said come over, I was at her place till midnight.
She did two more colors on top of it to get the shade.
She assured me she was using a conditioning color!!!!!!!!
Terrified all that processing was going to make my hair fall out!!

My mom came to pick me up to take me to the airport.
 When I came out of the house she screamed!
(She forgot I was dying it and she hadn't seen it yet)
Then she hugged me and said it was stunning!!!
Yeah I thought... my mom is so sweet she'd say that!!!

It didn't matter what my mom thought...
 It was the ad agency and the client Coor's.
When I arrived in Colorado they were gathered waiting...
They all looked at each other and patted each other on the back and said Beautiful....
What a relief.... 
They were so awesome... 
 The next morning we went to the outdoor location near the most fabulous little town of GOLDEN, Colorado for the shoot, then the next morning in the studio.
I asked them at dinner why me? I was a blond...
(That is when they told me why they scrapped the first campaign). 
They said we know, but you had everything else and we just had to match your hair colour with the horse and you would be the girl!

So there you have it... I laughed about the hair fiasco later!

The horse was so sweet and beautiful...
his white star on his forehead that was colored to match too!

Do we match?


This was a stand up store display

This picture is about 6 months later (not weeks) ha!
The colour faded into this really pretty honeyish shade for a while.
These photos are out takes  
from the shoot. Except the last one is from a lingerie catalog.

My agency heard that it was Killian's Irish Red's brand most successful campaign. 
 They re-booked me for the next year but I had to cancel the booking because....

 I was found out I was expecting my first baby!!!!

{I didn't feel comfortable promoting a alcohol product while pregnant}

Have a beautiful friday Darlins...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Simple details I call them simples!

I hope your morning is simply beautiful so far...
This vintage bakers glass cabinet is perfect for little accoutrements.
This one is white just as I found it years ago it is on a cool wood french carved pedestal.
 I have one very similar that is pink without a base.

A fun restaurant in our area called Urban Plate offers little packs of cookies you can purchase, these are oatmeal cowgirl cookies!

My favorite numbers in it 6 & 7, 
 some vintage garden stakes
of course a few heart rocks found at the beach from my son ....

Happy White Wednesday***
Hoping yours is simply fabulous!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fortnum meet Mason

I found this fabulous little {quite pricy} bowl a few years ago at a little antique store. 
I love it for Autumn because it has black writing that says Fortnum and Mason of Piccadilly.

We have family with the last name Mason so I think that is why I was drawn to it too!

Well I have been curios to know more about it.
Here's the story...
Piccadilly is a fashionable street in London with small boutique shops...

In 1705 Hugh Mason had a small shop in St James market and a spare room in his house. The Fortnum family had come to London from Oxford as high-class builders in the wake of the Great fire, 
helping to establish the St. James's and Mayfair areas as the most fashionable in London.
William climbed another rung by taking a post as footman in Queen Anne's household -and the room at Mr. Mason's.
The Royal Family insistence on having new candles every night meant a lot of half- used wax for enterprising footman to sell on at a profit. So while the Queen's wages paid the rent, William's enlightened sideline melted down enough into enough to start a respectable business.
The rest, as they say is grocery.

Interesting that they are still thriving after all these years... 
Hand washing only for this treasure...

Have a lovely afternoon,