Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day weekend

Hi Darlins,
We know it's a three day weekend, a school holiday & lots of fun.
 Also we're book marking the last weekend of summer.

Let's raise our flags, wear something cool & vintage while we relax & savor these next three days!

Raise our tea cups to the last summer mornings in the kitchen.

A cup of tea in our comfiest vintage tattered chairs that just became perfect.

Looking forward to a couple more soothing baths after a day on the water or working in the garden.

Lounging at home with the summer breeze coming through open windows & the door.

Simply enjoy the last breezes of summer as they leave us with memorable days to reflect upon.


My Design tip: Weekends are made for vintage living, for putting your feet up relaxing & enjoying our spaces. Vintage living is comfy & easy on a budget.

Wamest wishes for a safe & fun last weekend of summer.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Raise the flag, 
clean the house 
cut some flowers just for you!

It's back to school week!

I hope yours first days are wonderful....


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


On this birthday morning,
woke early up to the sun & blue skies,
always fun to have a beautiful day for your birthday!!!

Today is my other favorite day of August...
yes, it is my birthday...but I love the journey each year & it's special to me.

It's so much more than that, 
this is truly how I live on this *26* day.
It's the day I look forward to savoring
 me time
 in my heart & soul.
 Listening carefully to hear my own thoughts above all else.

While I reflect on my life, I treasure the memorable birthdays I've shared with family & friends.

Mostly where do I go from here... What is my plan?

It may sound silly but that's what is important & why it's my favorite day each year...

Here are some birthday moments & silly ones too...
some things I love at home!

Birthday candles for tonight!

love ribbons...

A little vintage rhinestone birthday crown I found last year...

Heirloom roses from my garden.... on my birthday when I was 3!

 *4*  birthday
I loved those little gloves & purse!

My mom always baked our cakes at home. Chocolate adorned with ballerinas!
The best*est days!

a collage of favs
& more silly little thing to leave you with!

I see everyone taking selfies, sooooo I thought I would try one when I got my new i phone!
Of course... I didn't think I needed to be tech savy...

I showed it to my boys, they started laughing... 
they said, mom how did you take this?

I said really...
it's a selfie, how do you think i took it? I took it in the mirror!

Omg mom, you have it backwards!
Oh well... this is my first & last, not sure what all the hoopla is all about any whoooo!

If your an August baby like me! Happy Birthday wishes to you too!

A beautiful day Darlins,
Thanks for all your visits & comments through the year!
 birthday girl

Monday, August 25, 2014

romantic lantern

A coaches lantern is symbolic to me of a romantic coach ride...
Just like the carriage ride on my wedding day!
I have a little obsession with these because of that memorable romantic day!

This vintage lantern was a special find for me...

I placed two heirloom pink roses in it from my garden.

I hope your day is filled with a little romance too!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pale Pink on this favorite summer day

Morning Darlins,

 is my favorite day 
 of summer.
Along with my favorite color... Pale PINK!!!

A touch of a soft romantic pale pink changes the aura of a room.
Pink works well with vintage, I love the warm faded tones.

First.... my little dress story

When I was engaged & shopping for my wedding dress all over the country...
I found one I loved, {my mom was with me that day}
 Later the next evening,
my mom sensed something was wrong, 
I didn't seem my usual self & excited when I was telling my dad about the dress we found.

Gathering up nerve to spill my feelings...
I proceeded to tell her and my dad...

Tears in my eyes...I really want to be myself and my dress should reflect me!
My favorite color is pink, so...
I really want to wear a pink wedding gown!

Their jaws dropped, my mom was in tears....
My mom said so sweetly, of course you do!
My parents said...
 it's your wedding, 
now that you say it I can't imagine it,
 but I know it would be beautiful & so unique just like you!
SO I had their blessings!

My mom said... we didn't see any pink gowns.
Oh... BYT I'm going to design it!

They had to keep our secret about the dress & it's color.
I wanted it to be a surprise!

The rest is history!
My pale pink couture wedding gown & tiara.
One of a kind,
made with vintage tule & accoutrements.

 back to the post for Saturday's Design with Vintage!
Had to begin with my favorite pink vintage wedding dress!

As we live these last days of AUGUST
I think of pink as the color of luxe & romance.

Here at home
I have a sentimental tradition for August.
I have some fun adding some pale pinks to my decor to celebrate my anniversary {today}
 & my August  birthday. 
Being the only girl in the house it makes my favorite month really special & memorable!
{My mom used to add some pink for me too during August, I loved it.}  

This was a pic I took last year in my dining room.
 Early in the morning on my birthday.

I love bringing a little pink outside too!

Pinks are feminine yet can be handsome in a modern vintage space.
This pure & calming color has something for everyone...
who has a light heart
inspires a romantic spirit.


My Design tip:
If there is a color that you particulary love however the rest of your crew isn't on board with it everyday, maybe bring it in for a short while. It will make everyone happy.

Hop over to  SECOND SHOUT OUT blog today for the rest of this post
 my series, Saturday "Designing with Vintage"
& shop for some vintage summer finds.

A beautiful August Saturday to you filled with LOVE & little pale pink!

more pink here on my pinterest board

Thursday, August 21, 2014

my favorite art.

Sweet evening Darlins....

Would you like to see my 
 favorite art?

When I was a young girl my SIL who's a talented artist 
drew this 
chalk portrait of me.

She took it off a school photo i think.
It was amazing how she captured me exactly!

Today it remains in tact just like this, the same way she gave it to me.
I love how she paired the pale pink mat &
 I love the pale pink sweater!

My mom was in the loop somehow, she had tears when she saw it...
I'm probably about 8 or 9 I would say.

Something so special about being able to draw a portrait of someone. 
I so wish I had the art gene!

I'm grateful for this small treasure
an enormous gift 
of the heart!

sweet night...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Keeping it Summer Simple

Hi Darlins,
Summer vintage style is all about simple elements. 
Furnishings that have many uses with character that adds something special to our homes.

A vintage metal stool, 
this one belongs to me...

I love using it for everything. 
Here it doubles as a table...
with milk & cookies for a little summer treat outside the Tin man's shed!

Hop over for today's complete post here 
Saturday's "Desinging with Vintage" on Second Shout out blog.
Shop for some vintage pieces for your summer space.

My design tip:
Summer is the best time to collect vintage items for your home that may need some painting or repair. Set up a little repair station outside & enjoy the last days of summer working on your new finds.

A beautiful day to you,

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday pretty

Happy Friday Darlins,
Which one best describes your weekend ahead...

#1  Do you have some fabulous plans for the weekend?

#2  Are you catching up on chores around the house?

#3   What about a movie & a homemade dinner?

I think we are doing Number 2 & 3!
soooo looking forward to it!

I Love cutting Roses from my garden....
They are my favorite!

It's time to give some love to my roses if I want them blooming a little longer!

I hope your weekend is all you wish & more...

Hope you will join me tomorrow here for my "Saturday's Designing with Vintage" series! 

A beautiful day to you!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sweeeet memories


Do you find when it's your birthday month you get excited too?
As I began saying the First of August that this is my favorite month....

For me.... I savor every day of it
have wonderful memories to reflect upon throughout the month.

As I look around my home I see little touches of pink {my favorite color} ..

As a young girl ...
my mom kept a pretty petite crystal covered "candy dish" filled with enticing little hard candies. 
Usually lemon drops!
{& colorful ones like these for my birthday}

When I found these, I remembered the dish....

YES...had to have them... 

I'm not really a candy girl, 
but these so reminded me of my mom... that I love the idea for my home.
I've been doing this a long time!

In our home it's usually a holiday or special occasion thing, mostly for it's sweet meaning!
My family is more into baked goodies & ice-cream!

It's those little simple reminders, 
seeing them comforts me 
&  perhaps 
for a moment takes me back to those days... like a warm hug!

I'm so nostalgic & silly like that...

A beautiful day Darlins
I hope you get a big hug inside from something special you see today!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy National S'mores Day


So... you know what today is?

National S'mores day!

Here is my cupcake S'more!
They are my little twist on a S'more...

Happy S'more day make S'more!!!


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Clean simple outdoor bathing spaces

Morning Darlins,
There has been times when it would have been sweet to have and outdoor bath. 
Especially after a long day of gardening or at the beach.
 Summer is the perfect time to get started on  a new project!

 These outdoor spaces with their vintage accoutrements work well with natures elements.



This courtyard looks spa like!


Simple & clean!

My Design tip: An outdoor bathing space should have some privacy, hanging some vintage sheets can help with that, easy to put up and take down.

Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG my Saturday's designing with Vintage" series for the rest of the post. 
Also shopping for vintage here.

A beautiful Saturday to you,

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pink summer sparkle & my "Lucky Scholls" crush

A fun story that I think about every time I wear these....

I fell in love with Dr. Scholls as a young girl...
The small town where I grew up had a pharmacy that actually carried them!

My friend & I used to ask the clerk {as soon as the snow melted} 
When do you get the summer Dr. Scholls? 
Trying to guess about when that would be!!!

 On a wish & a guess, 
we rode our bikes, our money in the back pocket of our jean cut offs to the pharmacy.

If we were lucky... we would wear our new summer pair home. 
Considering ourselves lucky was to...
 get a pair in our color & size.
 We called it our "Lucky Scholls day! 
We had many summers with Lucky Scholl's!!!

It was a good thing my friend wore a different size than me.... 
Looking back... seems like they only stocked one pair per size!!!

 Anyone else had a Scholls crush?

This is my favorite summer pair now! 
A pale Pink velvet with a sparkly rhynstone buckle....
When I found these in Newport beach a few years ago I said to myself,
If my mom was still here she would of said it with me!

Who knew they were made in Italy!

Love these pink sparkly earrings simple, classic, I wear them with anything!
FYI....It's not easy to take a close up picture of your own ear!!!

Enjoy this beautiful August day with me