Monday, July 16, 2012

A Birthday wish from MOM

   Morning Darlins...a beautiful sunny morning here in SoCal.
 Today is my oldest sons birthday... 
Looking back on the day my oldest son was born like it was yesterday, it was a beautiful sunny day too.
I still to this day can’t even talk about him with out happy tears in my eyes! 
I can’t explain....he just has my heart in his hand!

He is an athlete, competitor and a kind spirit. I wish him happiness and success. He has amazing perseverance and will give in life whatever it takes.

     I couldn’t be more honored and proud of the young man he is... and to be his MOM!
                                                             Happy Birthday Son!
                                                                   All my LOVE,

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  1. Its a great one and also a beautiful crafted one. looking forward for more from this website.Wishing your child birthday is an extremely life-changing minute, when you wish him his birthday the grin all over is unplayable.happy birthday dear


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