Saturday, July 28, 2012

Styling candles

Good Morning lovelies!
I was helping a client with her home and I noticed she had a lot of pretty, but basic candle holders. She said, jut put them aside I am really bored with them! I love candles! I didn't want her to give up having candles in her home so I told her what I'd do! I will be redoing all her candle styling now she is very excited! Which gave me the perfect topic for my post today!

The beautiful light reflected from a candles glow is something that can't be duplicated by an electric light. Candles suggest a relaxing ambiance that brings a element of coziness,warmth and romance. Though I have beautiful Antique sterling candle sticks that I adore for sentimental reasons, I still love to create my own candle holders out of salvage vintage finds and use them when styling spaces in my own home as well as others. Here are a few pieces from my home.

The columns and balusters I made from architectural pieces! My favorite vintage find is a Antique carriage Lantern! (They used to be lit with wick and Kerosine )
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My Design tip: Implement unique elements to hold your candles. Exchanging traditional candle sticks for one of a kind vintage finds is a perfect way to add a fresh, personal touch!

Try this: In the morning, light a scented candle in your kitchen when you are preparing your breakfast and you will feel a touch of Luxe!!

Enjoy your Saturday,


  1. Wow...I never thought of lighting a candle with breakfast...great idea.

  2. Gail wonderful ideas; I adore the crown candle holder!!

    Candles and their various scents really sooth the soul..

    Art by Karena


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