Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pretty bloomers*

It is interesting how we think so different....
Over the weekend I began cutting back my Hydrangeas. One of my very favorite flowers... 
I have quite a few now, I love the color of the pretty blooms this time of year. I can't bare to cut them and throw them out... I was searching the house for a spot to dry them. I found in the perfect drying spot, between the open wall studs in the Butler's panty! Using the nails in the wood I strung some twine and hung them to dry. They dried quickly in this heat.

Then I hear this...."Why do we have dead flowers hanging between the studs in wall studs?  
I answered... I know great place huh! They aren't dead... I'm preserving them!!

This huge elegant frame is my favorite new vintage find....

The frame is very old and will need some re-enforcing and new mounts for the wire.

I received this pretty ribbon as a early gift... I LOVE* LOVE *LOVE it ! I decided to hang my preserved hydrangeas out here on the frame and prop it on a stand in the dining room!
Have a beautiful day***


  1. I love hydrangeas too...fresh and dried! Love what you did.

  2. I adore your frame, I love beautiful frames like that myself! The flowers are gorgeous and I think are wonderful! :)



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