Monday, August 6, 2012

Vintage toothbrush holders!

My mornings start off early, when I am in the kitchen I love to be greeted with some of my favorite

This little silver holder was a find! I have had it for years and I keep my Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and some vanilla pods in it. It is only missing one thing.... A place for flowers! Well I had an idea what I could use...I have a bunch of vintage GLASS toothbrush holders! Years ago when you bought a toothbrush they came in GLASS tubes with a top. They are oval and two fir perfectly together to hold flowers!

                   Now I have my favorites.. flowers, candle and its all here every morning to greet me....
         I can enjoy the fragrance of my vintage roses while I'm waiting 30 seconds for my Nespresso!

                                                         Darlins...have a beautiful Monday*

I'm linking up for tuesday with Tuesday's treasures: My uncommon slice of suburbia


  1. Very pretty. I love finding other uses for things.

  2. Nice idea! from toothbrush holder to a flower vase, y not! love it...


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