Tuesday, August 28, 2012

B-day *Wishes*

Sunday morning August 26th I woke up early with anticipation and a slightly churning stomach, wondering how I would first get through the day without tears...and celebrate my Birthday.
The weather was overcast ...I can't recall a birthday ever that the weather wasn't beautiful and sunny, being the end of August it is usually a given!

My morning went like this... I wanted a special treat for my morning so I stopped on Saturday eve at a fabulous little bakery to get a homemade scone.. I really wanted to have some time by myself.  I wanted to use some of my favorite vintage pieces and just quietly sit and reflect on this personal milestone.

I found this beautiful vintage hair clip in a darling little store, when I first saw it I didn't realize it said 
"Happy Birthday"
A perfect treasure...I had to have it! 

This is what I did... I went into the Butler's pantry {that is in process of renovation}... and sat at my favorite little vintage table that my mom had bought for me many years ago...

I used this vintage marble cake base with a glass dome that came from a european bakery for my scone...

 The glass is etched with the word "Patisserie"

 love love love this piece...

Placed one little candle for a little wish..

Cut Roses from my garden...
Sat and reflected quietly in the early morning with just my thoughts... It was simply all I needed!

This photo is from my modeling archives, I remember when this editorial piece was shot. I was simply asked by the photographer have fun, just play in the vintage wedding slip without any thing else in the shot, His simple request was ... I just want you to be you... I  understood and did exactly that. 
I learned a lot about myself during those years, grateful for those who believed in my dream with me.

Sometimes I need to remember and remind myself of his simple request, and use it to re-adjust my life. 
 Just being in the moment and just being me is the best I have...
 It has to be enough and I have remember to have 

I feel like I have been in the moment these last few days reflecting and celebrating the milestones in my life.

For my Wishes, the important ones have come true...

I have thought of something more than a wish for me to do...
I will do 50 things this year that I haven't done before. I will keep them in my heart and look back at the end of this year to see how I have done.
 A personal challenge to close out this half of century and prepare for what lies ahead on the second half of my journey.

I hope your journey is filled with passion for the life you want to live. 
Always be conscious of the things that inspire you...just to be you!
That is my wish for YOU...
Happiness always!

Just me....

P. S The sun came out shortly after I had my Nespresso and scone!!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wedding memories

Looking back as I write this post, I remember trying to plan the wedding as I was working around the country. Planning the wedding long distance was challenging and to add to it, I didn't live in San Diego..

The Wedding was 3:30 in the afternoon on a gorgeous day in Fallbrook, California. I was standing at a door way waiting for someone to tell me it was time... Guests were still arriving and being seated out around the heart shape pond!
Then the magic began... I heard the music... Then I knew it was time... 
I heard some footsteps running up the stairs and a voice calling me... Your Coach is here!

A vintage Coach Lantern filled with left over Pink tule from my gown!

 My Dad is sitting next to me holding my hand...

I was saying to myself, please don't trip....my Dad kept saying, I'm right here honey!

Vows in the Gazebo

Mr. and Mrs.
A carriage ride and a few photos before the reception...

I  had so much fun! I wouldn't of changed anything...

A note of Congrats from President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan

This little wedding picture that has been in this frame for 25 years!

A favorite poem by Audrey Hepburn

I  had fun reminiscing with you,  
This is a milestone year I can't believe where the time has gone. 
Have a beautiful evening Darlins!

More to come, I still have more celebrating to do don't forget my giveaway!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Lake House...

I was born in northern, California... soon after my parents moved to the midwest. We lived in a couple houses, but one day I remember my mom was talking to my grandpa about THIS house... It was listed For Sale on a lake near by. I remember she was very excited and wanted to go see it...

This was the real listing brochure for the house!
They purchase it for $18,000.That's my Dad writing! 

My mom fell in Love with it and they bought it.. I remember seeing it for the first time, I mostly remember how excited my parents were. I think I was going into 1st grade when they bought it. The house was a fixer and my Dad was working on it all the time.

Our Lake {Crooked Lake} and my Grandparents Sand Lake were just a mile or so away...

I have to say we lived in a special place and it was so much fun! Summers we stayed in our bathing suits everyday! I learned to water ski probably at seven. Autumn was so fun too, raking leaves then jumping in the piles! Winter time was just as fun as summer...we ice-skated, rode on our sleds and toboggan.  My family rode snowmobiles, we could ride down our backyard on to the ice... it was very cold!
I appreciate the years we lived there more after I moved away, the town was very small but the people were so genuine..My family knew everyone so it was fun, I cherish the memories... Growing up there in that fabulous old Lake house was absolutely hands down, the best ever!!!


I wonder who's Pearls I have?


to be continued.... Tomorrow is a very special day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

As I turn the pages...

This antique *PINK* bakelite swiss musical clock was passed on to me from my Grandmother. Given to her by my Grandfather, now a treasure of mine. I always asked her to hear it play as a young child! 

As I turn the pages....

 The journey begins with our parents...
My mother Beatricebeautiful and willowy...a real midwestern girl and my dad Charles,  strong, tall and handsome...a southern charmer!
Two beautiful hearts simply loved each other and shared many joys and heartaches together. They celebrated over 50 years of marriage. As were Anna and Mac my Grandparents on my mother’s side, happily married for over 50 years. My Grandmother Grace my Dad’s mother, a widow, Amazingly talented seamstress, soft spoken, sweet southern women whom I adored..and so did every one...we called her “Mom Smith”

My Mother.. Beatrice... Bea... Beats!
My Dad... Charles... Chuck...Chuckles
My Mom and Dad with my Grandparents Anna and Mac for McCleod!
Left... My Mom and Dad-blinking! My Aunt Joyce and Uncle Walt 
My mom and dad both came from families that were quite large, 13 brothers and sisters all together on both their sides!
Oh my... the family stories could be played out in a movie. The setting no doubt would have to be my favorite place... My Grandparents Historical Lake House...Their home was the hub for celebrations, holiday's and weekend lake fun. there were 20-40 at any given time...I loved to listen to their stories, they were told with such joy and laughter, surely heard from across the lake...
 They had so much fun with each other, both families truly were woven together and shared a bond amongst them.
 My mom’s best friend Joyce, married her brother Walt and she and my mom became sister-n-laws...
 Beautiful stories like that!

to be continued tomorrow...

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thyme in the Garden...

Happy Saturday...morning Darlins, are you keepin cool??? 
Our second second half of summer has been hot here in SoCal, as it has been all over the country!

Gardening and landscaping are perpetual in our area, {lately it is early in the morning or after 6 in the evening}
There is something about designing and researching that is so necessary but fun too. 
I am always researching when I travel, even when I go to the cinema... I love the houses and the landscapes! I scour over my beautiful garden books, but I really love shopping the nurseries and walking in the rows of beautiful trees tagging the most perfect specimens for our project.

 I love the before and after of course...
 but really enjoy the whole process and the feeling of making the dirt beautiful!

The old sprinklers were damaged when the front yard was dug up for the solar system.. All the lines had to be dug and replaced.

Hauled a few of the delicate flows and plants myself to insure their safe transport!


Have a beautiful Saturday!

My Design tip: Landscaping is dressing the house, it should compliment and enhance the home in the style that completes the story.

To read the rest of this post, and do a little vintage shopping...hop over to Second Shout Out Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" my weekly series!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pretty bloomers*

It is interesting how we think so different....
Over the weekend I began cutting back my Hydrangeas. One of my very favorite flowers... 
I have quite a few now, I love the color of the pretty blooms this time of year. I can't bare to cut them and throw them out... I was searching the house for a spot to dry them. I found in the perfect drying spot, between the open wall studs in the Butler's panty! Using the nails in the wood I strung some twine and hung them to dry. They dried quickly in this heat.

Then I hear this...."Why do we have dead flowers hanging between the studs in wall studs?  
I answered... I know great place huh! They aren't dead... I'm preserving them!!

This huge elegant frame is my favorite new vintage find....

The frame is very old and will need some re-enforcing and new mounts for the wire.

I received this pretty ribbon as a early gift... I LOVE* LOVE *LOVE it ! I decided to hang my preserved hydrangeas out here on the frame and prop it on a stand in the dining room!
Have a beautiful day***

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Country Chic Weddings

Summer is the perfect time to be inspired by vintage design.. Special occasions...outdoor weddings...
I Love celebrations that are embellished with beautiful flowers and unique themes.

For my Second Shout Out Saturday's "Designing with Vintage"I styled a few items for 
A "Country Chic Wedding, perhaps it could have some pretty vintage items like these...

Oval Beveled Mirror

The weddings seem to reflect The Bride... She should have something vintage... like this pretty oval beveled mirror to check her lipstick one more time....

Her Jewelry, something vintage... Like this vintage beautiful pearl bracelet on wire with dangly pearls that catch your eye when
the groom holds her hand for the ring!

Flowers...Natures's romantic gift...They should be simple, yet reflect the wedding style and be beautifully arranged in something vintage...perhaps this country chic wedding basket!

Do you know the story of Victorian wedding baskets?
The story will continue...on my Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" hop over to
Second Shout Out...  

Have a beautiful weekend Darlins...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Had to say it....

I couldn't let the day slip away without saying it... Happy National S'mores Day!
Love * Love * Love* this
I went to a cute little cafe today for a piece of lettuce... after my workout, I was greeted with a tray of S'more yummies and wished Happy S'mores Day! Yes Please, one to go I said...I came home, locked the door, got my camera and took these pictures....I had no idea about this special day! Perfectly fits in my favorite month though!

Quickly I did a little research to see if they were pulling my leg, I get that sometimes being a blond....

YES it's fact...FYI
August 10th 2012 National S'mores day
The recipe was first published in 1927 in the Girl Scouts Handbook.

The culinary historians believe the tradition began earlier...
Let's just light a campfire at the beach and celebrate***
A nod to those Girl Scouts!
Have a beautiful evening Darlins..

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Keepin cool...

                                Hope your having a lovely week... It is officially warm here in SoCal!
 Keepin cool is the motto, eating light, watermelon and sweet tea with lemon rim sugared glasses! Since I have been reminiscing about all my summer's since it is my anniversary & birthday month I have had fun looking at a few old photos.
 I only have a few on my computer, yet to scan about a zillion more!

A look back..This picture is of me and my first dog! Awe ... he was amazing, a gift from my fiancé. His name was "Bubba" he was a purebred Newfoundland. He was huge but yet so gentle. He died at 4 years old from a heart condition called cardiomyopathy...
This little story and photo are from part two of our honeymoon which was at Bass Lake...
I had just finished a catalog and campaign shoot for Kawasaki, one day when I was on the jet skis during the shoot I asked the corporate guys many questions about the jet skis, they said... hey you should get one you would love it! I thought wow... great idea for a wedding gift....So they help me arrange the surprise, I surprised my husband with two new jet ski's on a trailer for his wedding gift. So our second part was camping with our dogs and taking our new toys to the lake! It was fun to learn to ride them, we had never rode one before! We went to Bass Lake up in Northern California, it was beautiful we fell in love with the lake and we have been going there ever since!  Believe it or not we still have one of the jet skis!

Seeing this picture is so fun, I remember every thing... even the way Bubba's fur was full of sand and he would just sit on the shore and wait for me to come back on the jet ski.
                                Keepin cool, with some watermelon and fun memories!
P.S. My youngest son has a Kawasaki quad and motorcycle... Funny that I did their campaigns for many years! He asks me why I didn't buy a motorcycle!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Vintage toothbrush holders!

My mornings start off early, when I am in the kitchen I love to be greeted with some of my favorite

This little silver holder was a find! I have had it for years and I keep my Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and some vanilla pods in it. It is only missing one thing.... A place for flowers! Well I had an idea what I could use...I have a bunch of vintage GLASS toothbrush holders! Years ago when you bought a toothbrush they came in GLASS tubes with a top. They are oval and two fir perfectly together to hold flowers!

                   Now I have my favorites.. flowers, candle and its all here every morning to greet me....
         I can enjoy the fragrance of my vintage roses while I'm waiting 30 seconds for my Nespresso!

                                                         Darlins...have a beautiful Monday*

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