Thursday, June 20, 2013

Officially Summer!

Hi Darlins... 
Tomorrow 6*21* is officially the first day of Summer!

What a busy couple weeks...Social events, Graduation from Jr. High, parties
Time is flying. 
Finally booked our family vacation so now thats off my list!

Hope your having a beautiful week with gorgeous weather and lovely things to do outdoors!

This picture I took is of a couple of favorite summer things at home!

The sand dollars here were collected on a vacation in New England in Nantucket.
 Pink Peony is so pretty I bought her, haven't tried to grow them!
I haven't collected many shells here in SoCal. 
My son finds heart shaped rocks at the beach!!!

I have a decorating post for Saturday planned that won't cost a cent!
Hope you come back to visit on Sat!

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