Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sculpting my rosemary

Over the last week I began trimming all the boxwoods, roses and now the Rosemary...
Love certain parts of my garden to be sculpted... 
I know, have to... it's that preciseness that I love!
{I won't let any one else go near my topiary's with clippers}!!!
So goes the clean up!
 I do that too but I'm ok it's a workout...

The lavender in the first planter is growing quite nice now...
 It was challenging...
 This is my second round of lavender, I planted it last year and we had some hot weather and it didn't make it!
My three rosemary topiaries are nice and precise!!!

Our house smells like a rosemary stand!
I have tons of rosemary clippings...
Definitely making some delicious roasted veggies tonight with 
Have a beautiful day Darlins,


  1. I can smell the Rosemary now! I love it as well as lavender too! Glad your garden is doing well, it is quite beautiful! My vintage camper I just bought could use some nice "rosemary" scent....you just gave me a wonderful idea! Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. I'm so happy you saw that post. I want to share that jewel of wisdom with the whole wide world. Never stop growing and share what you find with others. Beautiful blog, love your garden. Love and Light, Heidi


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