Thursday, August 21, 2014

my favorite art.

Sweet evening Darlins....

Would you like to see my 
 favorite art?

When I was a young girl my SIL who's a talented artist 
drew this 
chalk portrait of me.

She took it off a school photo i think.
It was amazing how she captured me exactly!

Today it remains in tact just like this, the same way she gave it to me.
I love how she paired the pale pink mat &
 I love the pale pink sweater!

My mom was in the loop somehow, she had tears when she saw it...
I'm probably about 8 or 9 I would say.

Something so special about being able to draw a portrait of someone. 
I so wish I had the art gene!

I'm grateful for this small treasure
an enormous gift 
of the heart!

sweet night...

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