Saturday, February 26, 2011

Films* Casts* ...The Oscar's

A Lovely night for Hollywood as everyone gets ready to be spotlighted and show the Films that made it on the Ballot this year.

I wonder who will walking away with a surprise Oscar !!
I look forward to seeing this every year..
I guess for me it's the equivalent to the Super Bowl for the industry!!

It is raining here in So. Cal and very chilly so I hope the heaters on the Red Carpet will be working well!!
We will be sitting in our preferred seats... by a cozy fire... and for the Dinner entree, I'm making Beef Burgundy, Farm vegetables and possibly a soup for the starter!! There will be candles but no Ice Sculptures!!!!
I hope you all get a chance to watch the Oscars.
I love the Fashion and of course the Film trailers are Fabulous!!

Here is a few shots of me with my {acting} family from the Set of a International Doral Campaign I shot years ago.
We were cast as a Family {a Dynasty-ish- Wealthy} I was the Daughter {in pink} These we my parents, my brother and other family.
The location was this Beautiful Mansion called "Dunsmuir" it was our set {Home}.. I fell in Love with the Fabulous Mansion and Estate..
It was pretty amazing for a commercial campaign we had a Blast!! The other actors were great fun!

Get cozy and tune in!!

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