Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lemon Hearts for your King*

Happy February First*
I love this month! Romance is in the air and Sweet treats are everywhere... I just found these petite lemon cookies with lemon glazed icing. {Delicious & so perfect to slip in my son's school lunch bag}!!! I plan to send some by post to my oldest son too,at college. I don't think he's too cool to get some cookies from his Mom for Valentines....He has to eat right!!!

Mmmm so adore Tea towels ... These are Vintage French with pink dots of detail. I have six of them! I have a little.... ok BIG.... love for vintage linens I have been collecting for years.

The little White Butter pat that the cookies are on is Vintage English Ironstone... I love it!
I have a collection of those too.....I'm letting you in on all my secret collections*****

OH!!! I recently received this fortune.. It is amazing how it relates to my life right now!
I save them... Do you?

Have a LOVELY rest of your Day*

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