Monday, February 28, 2011

Post Oscar Chat*

Pour some tea and let's re-cap!!
So.... What did you think of last night Oscar's? I thought it was Lovely.
The weather was chilly but the skies cleared up perfectly!
In general I thought the Women looked Fabulous!! Some very pretty Gowns and The Men looked Dapper as well!

The show itself didn't blow us away though...A little too new age for us, I must say I like more Glam and a old Hollywood vibe. {That's just the talk around my house}!!!

My Husband said I was nominated for a Oscar in the Dinner category!!!
The Dinner was "Super tasty" turned out perfect everyone was happy..
For desert I had bought some Petite Bread Puddings, and some petite bottles of Pink French Lemonade for my son!!

Here are some photos:
The photo of me is from my Modeling archives!
In the dining room, French chair, Bread Pudding & Pink French Lemonade*
Hope your week is staring up Fabulous*
I have to see the King's Speech". I felt I missed out on the excitement without seeing it!


  1. the photo of you is stunning!!! I can tell you are a beautiful woman inside and out AND a great cook!! Hard not to be jealous. :) That pink lemonade looks so refreshing right now. Wish I had some.
    Mary Ann

  2. Hi Gail~I didn't watch all of it but I have to say I was not impressed w the show; but I WAS happy to see Colin Firth win! enjoy your week, A

  3. Gail you will love The Kings Speech!! It deserved the win!!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

    Art by Karena


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